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Thread: Alpha Females?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauranna View Post
    I would self-define as strong and independent. But I really wouldn't see myself as alpha. Alpha to me comes across as wanting to control a group/have power over others. I am much more of a lone-wolf. I think there is something in being an alpha that suggests power over others/desire for world domination.
    Yeah haha, i guess a vigilante dosn't fit the bill
    I think i may be somewhwere between the two. I definately don't want to control others but i do want some form of sucess, but then it's not the same form of sucess as many others would percieve.
    Control over others does not = me, that's for sure. Infact i rebel against any restraints on my freedom as an individual.
    Alpha vigilante loner hungry for sucess. I really hate it when i have to compromise to get to where i am going, i need to be true to myself.
    Sorry tangential ramblings.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenOfTroy View Post
    "Achievement is the focus of alpha female's life; anything else is secondary. She does not obsess about relationships. She is dominant: if she married alpha male, there would be a bloodbath. Novelist Fay Weldon sees alpha female running corporations, paying little or no attention to the domestic sphere - which is where she differs from Superwoman: "Superwoman was everything man and woman wanted her to be: she did everything and was a good wife, earned a good salary and kept the carpets shampooed. Alpha woman wouldn't concern herself with housework: she would find someone else to whom she would delegate."
    pfft, the article just generalized alpha females as enneagram type 3's...
    if anything i would say that enneagram type 8's are more likely to aspire towards be alpha... and pretty much any enneagram type can be an alpha. even 2's.
    whether you are an alpha male or an alpha female depends on your social role within whatever group you are in or have formed around you. that really all it says about you. and your social role can be derived from all sort of reasons:

    sometimes it is because your socially dominant...
    but even that can mean several things:
    • you inspire everyone around you to follow you.
    • you are bossy and know how to assert your dominance.
    • you got everyone to depend on you.
    • you know how to stir the conversations and activities.
    • etc...

    but sometimes it is because they have all come to trust that you know your shit and within the context of the environment you are in and the tasks that get presented to them you are the one to ask what to do, so maybe you can be the alpha female of a marketing department simply because whenever there's a new ad campaign everyone comes to you to tell them what to do, and eventually you come to expect that and just tell them what to do when there's a new ad campaign.

    other times its simply because you raised in the social leader, and you got into a position that demands respect from the people in your environment. for example you might not actually care much for social power, but you where really good with managing stock and picking the right companies to invest in, you got some stocks rolling, saw a good long term investment and now your the chairman of the board in a corporation. since everyone else in the board aspires to have what you have, and since the topic is making financial decisions, they naturally look up to you, so legally and socially you are the default alpha.

    it can be in any scale, be derive out of any set of characteristics, and come in a multitude of circumstances.

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