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    I've used this nick on every personality-related board I've joined. I use other nicks (or my real name) on other types of boards. Compartmentalization and all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    Was she beautiful beforehand, or was this one of those instances in which people's personalities/actions make them hotter? What I'm basically asking is wether or not she was attractive before she beat him, or is she attractive because she beat him over the head with his own keyboard?
    I confess that I would view a woman more favorably if she beat floyd over the head with his keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolitaryWalker View Post
    Why did you decide to use the same user-name to get yourself started on this Forum as you did on INTPc?

    Are you really trying to preserve your stature?
    Otherwise I'd have to change my name /lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezebel View Post
    It's easier to keep track of usernames/passwords on the internet when I don't constantly change them every time I register at a new site. I use the same username/password on all INTP Central offshoots for organization purposes. I also have other usernames I always use on other types of registration sites.
    Basically the same reason. Also, I have had it for a few years, so I am not likely to forget it...

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    I am who I am there and here... if I'm not changing who I am, why change the title that is associated with it?

    So, I have to ask... are you trying to run from who you were before if you change your name?

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    So anyone who knew me from INTPc wouldn't be confused. And I like the username anyway-I have a few I choose from, and this is most appropriate for the category.

    And I introduced myself because the probability of everyone here knowing me seems low.
    We are not poets
    We have no right to make amendments

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