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Thread: Dog Breeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trunks View Post
    Those pictures are pretty cute..Anyway, I don't really like dog, they like to barks a lot.
    Dogs are like two year olds. They know when they are being spoken to and love the attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Dogs are like two year olds. They know when they are being spoken to and love the attention.
    They are cute..But if they won't stop barking, I don't have problem to hand them to some dog lover.

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    Golden Retriever definitely. To me they have the ideal personality for a dog. I really enjoy breeds that are super active yet mellow. Loyal without being neurotic. Man, I get so emotional thinking about my dog growing up. She was a GR and looked a lot like the dog in the above picture. She always had this sort-of thoughtful lopsided grin. She loved going to the beach and rolling around in the sand. I never needed a leash with her because she was so well behaved. I think she could've been a really good rescue dog because she had this sixth sense about when someone was in distress. We'd often take naps together or I'd rest my head on her while reading a book. It really was like out of some cheesy hallmark movie. For a very awkward kid having a dog like that really helped.

    Man, I dogs.

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