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Thread: Tinychat virus

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    Default Tinychat virus

    For those of you that use tinychat, I'm just giving a friendly warning. I have gotten a blacole java exploit trojan TWO times now in the span of like a month. It can do some SERIOUS damage, downloading all sorts of other trojans and viruses to take hold of your computer and steal all kinds of information. The first time it even downloaded a VERY aggressive fake antivirus trojan that masks every piece of data on your computer and makes you think there are hardware issues on your pc, and it's almost impossible to remove without some serious tech knowledge.

    I got it again yesterday while on tinychat, and since it's a java exploit and I have my java set to run under a different resolution, I know when java is running. I had a sudden instance of java pop up while on tinychat (with no other windows open) and my screen changed. A few minutes later I got an alert about the blacole virus again. I'm pretty sure tinychat gave me the virus in both cases. If you use tiny, I'd suggest you run a good virus scan.

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    Thanks for the warning.

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    Thanks for more explanation than the first time. Good to watch out for, if you're using it...
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