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    A window to the soul


    Quote Originally Posted by _Poki_ View Post
    So how do I energize an ENTPs sensing function?
    Pull up next to the ENTP at a red light in your Camaro.

    I guess stress may energize sensing in some ENTP's in short bursts, but the details you get from a stressed out ENTP will probably not be what you're looking for. If you just want to improve their willingness to speak your language, then consider the following...

    Speaking for myself: have a genuine interest in my ideas. Trust my competency. Enjoy debating with me. Don't freak out when I'm wrong and make a scene; shoot straight. Respond positively to my enthusiasm; get motivated. Provide recognition after I've done something awesome.

    Under those conditions, ENTP's should be excellent communicators, but if it's still not enough, then just shoot straight and tell them what you want. I think ENTP's make loyal friends and will accept critisism and self-improvement challenges. I try to at least meet people halfway, if not exceed expectations.

    Too much resistance to communicating, trusting, listening, cooperating, engaging, or working with me, impacts my ability to be my laid back collaborative self.

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    good words !

    I'ld like to add: "[...], impacts my ability to be laid back collaborative self or:


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    A window to the soul


    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I'ld like to add: "[...], impacts my ability to be laid back collaborative self or:


    good words !
    Thanks. (:

    I'ld like to add: [...]
    Yeah, because that can only mean one thing: ANYTHING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    ...and you fail.

    Weirdo ?

    I am pretty sick of feeling alone on this World but still 99% of the people in my daily life drain my energy. Am I stupid, am I not seeing a valueable detail ? Do you know what I mean ?
    My strategy mirror their illusions and deflect their energy back onto them. and then do what you want. always seems to work. they take a dose of their energy while you are left drainless. hahaha.

    Thats because 99% of the world are in their ill_usions. People love their illusions so much that they will fight tooth and nail to stay in theirs, and drag as many people into their illusion as possible. And the only way to do that is by sapping your strength and vital energy.

    Sort of, then you just let people stay in their ill_usions and you start living in your vital energy. When you have saved enough energy share your passions with those that stay and let those in their ill_usions drain themselves as you find new people to be with that are in alignment to your spirit.

    Its tough work at first, you find you will need to be outside the system a lot, then you know your on the right track. You may notice more and more gaps, then the thinning starts.

    Its like a forcefield then, people go when they are trapped in their illusions and confounded by your energy. How to explain what your on about to someone who is in their illusion, doesn't work.

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