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The cashiers tend to suck though and cop obvious attitude which is weird since I thought being a cashier was a 'reward' for being a better worker. At least, that is my own experience in retail.
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nah, customer service is it's own department there and it's kinda the bottom of the food chain in the store. make the least money, do all the bitch work. basically in customer service, girls and less masculine guys were on the register and the other guys got to hang out in the parking garage all day collecting carts and smoking.
yeah, the specialty grocery store i worked at was like that too. usually cashiers were teenage girls and slightly older teenage boys, the front end assistant managers were in their early 20s, and the youngest teenage boys would help customers out to their cars, collect carts, and do cleaning tasks. they were pretty much bottom of the food chain... older and more regular employees typically worked in the back departments, with more experienced & skilled employees getting lower-management or somewhat cushy positions, where the tasks were more interesting, the pay is better, and schedules are less volatile.

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created by high elves in the light of the full moon in the presence of crystals

that sounds awesome.

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Does anyone shop at Earthfare? I've been meaning to check it out, but it's a bit far from where we live.
ime, it's like whole foods except less nature-y. my friend who works there gets high all the time with her coworkers and manager.