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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Watching my father interact with individuals outside of the family is like watching someone continue to talk while their breasts are sticking out of their blouse. It is awkward and ridiclous.

    Watching my mother talk to stranger is like watching an 80s special on FOBs, and how you must be nice to them no matter how they say thing.
    These things can make my day at times. Especially when they're incidents like my mother saying 'Viagra falls' and not understanding why I laugh.
    LOLL I'm glad you see the humour in it at least.
    My mom is very passive aggressive but you wouldn't know if you're not close with her. People think she's an exuberant, free spirited, and fun loving and boy does she know how to sell it. It's like an outer body experience watching her put on a show speaking of things in relation to herself and qualities that she doesn't have. She'll say something like, "I think like a MAN! Give it to me straight, no BS!" only she's suuuuuuper sensitive and takes everything in a form of criticism, even if it's a gentle reminder or a joke. I can't make a joke without her getting offended and it's annoying because I can't stand why she has to be so serious ALL the time. Man, there are instances where I display clever humour and I'm laughing at myself and she comes down on me like thunder. All I think about is, why isn't anyone else around to hear my wit!?!!!

    Ahh such a waste...

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    my dad's retired and god forbid he has to anything, he freaks out acting like its the end of the world. all he does is get drunk and yells at us for things that are wrong that he could fix. but does he? no.

    my mom's more justified in her craziness she works a full time job in research and owns her own business on top of that, so understandable she's stressed.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Mom is ISFJ and tight lipped and secretive about everything. Is not very trusting. I love her to death, but sometimes I want to get off the phone or out the house when she starts to preach to me......I know, ma....I KNOw!!!

    My dad is old-school war vet ISTJ but I have seen his Fi grow over the last few years. There's 10 of us, and if something gets him upset, he can shut all 10 of us grown people down. That's how much respect he has gained from us.

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    mine are BIG in ridiculousness and for a while i was really hard on them, for alienating me from the outside world, due to their seemingly arrogant judgements about common people and tabus reflective of those views. but seeing the big picture now, i see, my parent's aren't really more ridiculous than most, they are just more specially and exquisitely ridiculous and i highly appreciate this over common ridiculousness. there, i am just like them, already. i love humanity, i just hate humans. my idealistic perception made me project, that (other) humans are cool somehow, and only we (my family) are crazy, but we are ALL fucked. samsara is a nasty mass psychosis. yeah, i feel better now.

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    I asked my Dad to take the same test as me, he got ISFJ.

    He puts others first, like family and peace and... Selfless.

    He also has wild claims, that he invented this, wrote this song, composed that other country patriotic song, knew this person, that person, knows this person, that person too.
    My Mum is an on again off again alcoholic...
    If you listen to my Nan, my Mum's Mum, she would say my Father was a spy...
    If you listen to my Dad, he'd say my Nan's a paranoid schizophrenic.
    My father... Interests me, there is a lot I don't know about his many wild claims.

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    ENTP 2w3 sx/so

    ESFJ 2w3 sp/so?
    Way too overprotective, constantly worried about undercooked food, steadfast in her beliefs and refuses to budge on any issue, very outgoing and affable, enjoys meeting new people.

    ISFJ 2w1 sx/so?
    Works as a special needs school bus monitor, primarily concerned with family and their needs, very traditional and sometimes a little too old fashioned.

    ESFP 6w7/8w7 so/sp?
    Likes to make jokes and gets along well with others, but also maintains an air of authority, makes good first impressions and is a natural people person, workaholic.

    My mother and grandmother don't get along, me and my papa just sit back and watch the arguments. Also I feel weird being the only NT.

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    Our parents appear ridiculous when we have grown up absurd.

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    My ISTJ dad is preoccupied with being normal in that he likes to point out when people "abnormal" or "mentally ill." He also seems to think everyone in the world is a horrible person.

    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    my dad's retired and god forbid he has to anything, he freaks out acting like its the end of the world.
    My dad is the same, but he's not retired or an alcoholic. I think he "freaks out" because he seems to have some sort of anxiety disorder, as he's always saying how things make him "nervous." And we're talking about pretty mundane activities, like going grocery shopping. Even being on vacation is extremely stressful for him and it often ruins it for the rest of the family.

    I can't really think of a way that my mom is ridiculous. I guess maybe she's a bit ridiculous for putting up with my dad's antics? I dunno.

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    People are strange.

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    My parents are ridiculous in the following ways, all of which I love:

    my mom likes things that are radically outside the mainstream, sometimes just because they're radically outside the mainstream
    my dad yells at politicians on TV like other dads yell at football
    they both want to form a commune with their adult children and our families and are constantly trying to talk me into buying the house next door to them so we can be together ALL THE TIME

    Regardless of any of their quirks I have always felt completely loved and accepted by them both.

    I would love to hear my future adult children's answer to this question. They're too young to have much perspective now.

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