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I think their other big obstacle is letting people know that they like them, and not inadvertently coming off as cold and disinterested. People often desire those who like them, who admire them, who find them interesting. Frankly, I have a similar problem sometimes, and while I can empathise, two people who are like this rarely connect.
The highlighted is correct, but I'm not sure other people/types appreciate just how difficult this can be for us. It feels very exposed - like going out (far) on a limb. INTJs will take risks, but they tend to be calcuated risks, with the potential costs and benefits weighed very carefully. It has been awhile since I have been in the relationship market, but I can remember a great deal of premeditation and expectation management going into any attempt to express interest in another person. Some of this involved trying to strike a balance between saying too much and saying too little, erring generally on the side of too little out of simple self preservation.

Of course I always understood the limitations of such a perspective, and never complained about not getting as much romantic attention as many of my peers. It was a worthwhile tradeoff.