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    Anew Leaf


    #1: the twilight universe (author, characters, fans)

    Rosie o'donnell
    The women on The View
    Ginny weasley (movie version)
    everyone in "wuthering heights"
    Jane eyre
    Voldemort for inexplicably losing
    Tyra banks
    Anakin Skywalker (prequels)
    Tom cruise (in anything)

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    -Bella Swan (from the movie Twilight.)
    I found the book - and the Bella from the book - pretty cool actually, but the movies and the Bella from the movie seriously lack substance. No wonder everybody makes fun of me if I mention I've read Twilight!

    -Suzaku (Code Geass)
    I found him pretty dumb. I could accept his stance, but he can't even justify his actions properly. Can't think for himself.

    Dennis Reynolds(It's always sunny in Philadelphia)

    Misa Amane (Death Note)

    Sagara Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)

    Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)

    Skyler (Breaking Bad)

    Seiya (Saint Seiya)

    Rajesh Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory)

    Sara Tancredi (Prison Break)

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    I have divided the ten characters into four categories of patterns that I detest in people. Because it is easier, I ranked the categories rather than the characters.

    1. Characters that exert some kind of authority over other characters while adhering to value systems that I find highly repugnant.
    - Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Film)
    - Bishop Edvard Vergerus (Fanny and Alexander, Film)
    - Bernardo Gui (The Name of the Rose, Book)
    - The Court (The Trial, Book)

    2. Characters that are needlessly malicious, wrong, narrow-minded.
    - Joffrey Baratheon (A Song of Ice and Fire, Books)
    - Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights, Book)

    3. Characters that are plainly annoying because they are needy, stupid, phoney.
    - Lysa Arryn (A Song of Ice and Fire, Books)
    - Mary (Another Year, Film)*

    4. Characters that are spineless, opportunistic, sycophantic - without any integrity.
    - Martin Klapp (Neue Vahr Süd, Book)*
    - Richard Rich (A Man for All Seasons, Film)*

    * These cases are rather symbolic in that they themselves are not all-too memorable but sufficiently embody patterns that I generally hate. Obviously I forgot all the memorable representatives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    Nurse Ratched - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Job - Book of Job
    Michael Corleone - The Godfather
    Wormtongue - The Lord of the Rings
    Gordon Ramsey (He really does exist)
    Eric Cartman - South Park
    The Comedian - Watchmen
    The sheriff of Nottingham - Robin Hood
    It - Stephen King's It
    Samir Duran - Starcraft: Brood War
    This is interesting: We share a hate for Nurse Ratched (as most people seem to do), but you also hate one of my favorite characters - Michael Corleone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    -Suzaku (Code Geass)
    I found him pretty dumb. I could accept his stance, but he can't even justify his actions properly. Can't think for himself.
    He would fit into my category #3.

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    Howard the Duck - from movie Howard the Duck (especially if you watch it on psychedelics)

    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Spamtar - a strange combination of boorish drunkeness and erudite discussions, or what I call "an Irish academic"

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    It seems that I don't hate characters as much as I thought I did. I had to think for so long...

    - Ana Lucia from Lost. She irks me in more ways than one.
    - Dolores Umbridge. I mentally wrote her hate mail when I was reading book 5, and I don't even like Harry so much.
    - Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice aka the reason why I couldn't go beyond chapter 1.
    - Bella Swann, Edward Cullen, Jacob too probably..and their creator.
    - Authors who keep copying the Twilight trend and write nonsense that's based on even more nonsensical love polygons..
    - Donna Noble when she was first introduced in Doctor Who, her mom, Rose Tyler when she starts getting too clingy and whiny
    - Skyler and her sister from Breaking Bad.
    - Reavers from Firefly and Serenity for all the nightmares.
    - That person from my lab.
    - Women on talk shows who advocate that everyone should feel and act like they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    (especially if you watch it on psychedelics)
    Oh god! What a horrible, horrible idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegorystory View Post
    2. Patrick Bateman - American Psycho
    4. Scarlet O'Hara - Gone With the Wind
    6. Alex - A Clockwork Orange
    9. Lucy - the Peanuts
    How dare you! These people are awesome! Especially Lucy and Scarlet.
    Artes, Scientia, Veritasiness

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    Characters that are presumptuous about other people's values and understanding, and exerts unquestionable authority based on said narrow-mindedness.

    Not a character, but a collection of people who push their unquestionable values and methods on minorities.

    Characters that react negatively to criticism.

    I can cite examples but that's not what's important to me.

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    The protagonist of Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner.

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