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    Mustard, chillies and caffeine can fuck right off.

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    Funny how caffeine is in everything. Icecream, chocolate, painkillers, energy-drinks, chocolate cakes, brownies...

    And dare you refuse (no matter how cordially) when a Kenyan serves you tea in their home. It's taken as an almost personal affront.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dali View Post
    Mustard, chillies and caffeine can fuck right off.
    What kind of chiles? Green chiles are the bomb, dude.

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    it doesn't anger me, but I think (slightly) less of them. Is that better or worse?

    edit: I don't define picky eater as someone who doesn't like a few things. I mean the ones who have trouble finding something they can stomach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    What kind of chiles? Green chiles are the bomb, dude.
    My IBS begs to differ. Urgh.

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    Nope. I have some pretty severe food allergies myself so who am I to get angry at them?

    Just don't force me to eat things I can't, man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordpath View Post
    A kind of rage boils in me when I come across people that are picky eaters. My brother is one of these. I don't know why it bothers me so much.
    Reminds me of When Harry Met Sally... yeeesh.

    I was a picky eater when young; I'm not nearly so picky now, although there are certain types of food I can't eat easily. But I can usually make anything work.

    At some point, it seems to counter-productive to keep forcing the world to cater to one's wishes; it seems far healthier to just stretch a bit, rather than having to have exactly what one wants. Plus, you might realize you actually like something new, which you won't discover if you keep insisting on things being done a certain way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eckhart View Post
    Well, define a picky eater. Personally I am pissed off when people want me to force something I don't want to eat. Why is it anyone's business what another person wants or doesn't want to eat? I cannot understand that at all.
    There's probably a difference between "wanting what one wants" and "being inflexible." When one person can't find one item on an entire menu they can be satisfied with while the rest of the group has flexed so that everyone could settle on a place, that's probably where I'd draw the line.

    One of my best friends, I'd consider to be one of the "pickiest" eaters I know, although we can still find a bit of common ground. She won't eat Mexican, doesn't like Chinese, etc. She'll eat Italian and American food. And when she buys hamburgers or other meat, she won't put anything on it -- NOTHING -- except for salt. No sauce, no ketchup, no mustard, no nothing. Apparently when she was young, she couldn't even eat cheese on her burgers.

    I think it's more of a bummer for her, because there is SO much great food in the world she'll never get to enjoy. My main annoyance is simply that sometimes I'm in the mood for Chinese or something foreign and she just won't go. Not even barebones Mexican. And since she is typically my dining partner, because not a lot of other people live close by, it has been annoying for me -- "Gee, what's tonight? fast food? American? Or italian? Or pizza?" yet again. And of course she will only eat pepperoni on her pizza, so typically we end up splitting toppings.

    it's just a pain in the ass to constantly have to think about, but technically I can do a work around (the split toppings, separate meals when we eat out, sneaking Chinese on the side, etc.) So It's more just a frustration that everything has to be so complicated; like I said, I consider(ed) myself a pretty picky eater especially when young, so it's frustrating to deal with someone worse, ha. And since I only have a limited food budget, I end up having go eat food I sometimes am just not wanting to eat, and it cuts into times I could go out and get something I really wanted, so that she won't have to eat all by herself (since then she gets into a funk). She doesn't really cook at home either, did I mention that? Except for lasagna. And Steak-ums. definitely nothing vegetable-like. (And I rent a room from her right now, but we never cook meals together anymore.)

    I can imagine hosting a dinner when someone(s) are picky eaters would be immensely frustrating, in the process of trying to appeal to everyone involved.
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    Nah. Let them fuss and starve. I'll have finished dinner and moved on to more productive things by the time they manage to find something to their liking.
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    It fills me with a white hot rage when I meet an adult that I have to hang out with who has the tastes of a nine-year-old, or will only eat meat and potatoes. If you're a weirdo like that, it's on you to find something you'll eat at whatever restaurant the normal people have chosen.

    It kind of bugs me when people are semi-picky, but as long as they don't make a big deal about it or limit my personal choices of dinners or restaurants, we're cool.

    It would be hard for me to date someone who had a lot of eating rules and wasn't flexible. My dad is super picky and it's annoying to figure out something he'll eat, when the rest of the family is more adventurous.

    I've chosen to become vegan recently, but I don't impose choices on others, and I can find something to eat at any number of good restaurants.
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    I get pretty petulant with picky eaters, yes. But I just don't have much patience for that kind of thing. That and I'm a really not a picky eater.

    Oh man, I dated a guy for 4 years who would only eat his burgers/hotdogs/sandwiches as just meat and bread. Good grief. But I did get to eat all of his tomato and lettuce and cheese and onion whenever we'd go out. So I really couldn't complain.

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