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    I had a dream, its kind of recurring, in which I'm the guy in the vault in Lost, only there's no button to push, I'm just living in this big vast underground facility thing like that, following a sort of simple routine like he does and its got a vast library. I dont miss people at all. Everyone I currently know is probably dead. There's a computer which runs a programme which is really a bunch of AI bots in an emulation of the internet.

    I dont know if I'm being studied or meant to be studying something but its just me and its grand.
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    I just woke up from a dream where I stole a police car, from a police friend, I killed him actually but was confused over it. I went about undetected by the authorities, and the skies went from bright and sunny to dark and ominous, so I suspect hidden motives and crap were coming out..I want to usurp authority by any means, and to do so by killing I'd presume I;m in a corner with myself and don't see it and will act out violently (with strong force, not necessarily by killing) to recover from my "trapped" feeling.

    I always had the sense there was someone in this car with me, they were there but apart from me in the thrill, but I wasn't excited about it anymore, I was depressed, looking to hide my acts, the car, myself. It's the umpteenth time this damn "bridge" has been involved. It's a HUGE, complex bridge. It climbs high and plum-its and bends and twists, and eventually you get to the other side but it's such an ordeal. I didn't go across this time, I drove the car off the edge, ran it into the river, way way down. Then I stood there tempted to jump, not to die, to just do it. I jumped off. Close to the edge of the cliff and fell into shallow waters unscathed, stuck in this mud that angered me. It was gritty and silt like, filthy, with oil and tar in it, and I climbed some mound of trash, stacked all nicely, in squares, like old pyramids. It smelled foul and made my stomach churn. At the top of the garbage was the police car, exposed to the world. I felt, so..desolate, vain, detached and despondent. Then I woke, with a fear of bridges that passed with breakfast.

    I don't know. My dreams are wild and vivid lately. Suspect something is going on.

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    I had a weird dream where i was in two different dimensions, one was like fairies and trolls and one was only slightly different than are own, in one dimension i smoked pot in the other i picked up diapers for myself, which is strange because i don't wear diapers. but there's the subconscious for you. also all the show house took place in space and in one episode they got turned into leprechauns by a big star.
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    i dunno what else to say so

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    Default Post your weird dreams!

    Last night I had a dream that my family had moved to the neigbouring town of ours, Gibsons, On our way moving there I remember getting stuck in a dirt parking lot, I remember where on the highway it was, it's just that it isnt there, I was with my mom, I found a coat that was almost identical to mine (spare the little piece of fabric attached to the zipper, which i chewed off). We finally got to the house in Gibsons I remember spending the night there. When I woke up the next day we had breakfast, and then my parents left to shop or something. And I went into the garage. A couple guys dropped by, whose faces I couldn't put to a name in real life, but I do remember seeing one of them. We start smoking a huge joint, and i take a couple tokes and just as my parents get home the kids leave, and the huge joint is now a burrito. I ate that burrito, all in all, this was a very very strange dream.
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    Tell me about the fucking golf shoes!

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    I keep having dreams about tornadoes. I guess that's not so strange but the latest one featured a running tornado that looked like a woman and had feet.

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    I keep dreaming about old houses. This last dream was that my sister moved into town and had moved into a very large Victorian stone mansion. I went to visit and I met her in the front yard. We were chatting when a stranger wandered through the yard and through the front door. My sister was alarmed, so I stepped in front of the lady in the foyer to keep her from going up the stairs. The lady would just not respond to me, she kept trying to sidestep me, totally responseless.

    Her eyes were glowing a light blue color, and I suppose I was some sort of warlocky guy, because I went into her mind and talked to her. She said that she was possessed by her infant son who died in that house and that he wasn't responding to me because he was too young to talk before he died. He died in this house and wanted to make sure the new owner was acceptable. So, I pulled out of her head and told my sister all of this, and we decided it was fine and let her on her way.

    Then the dreams gets stranger, I think I've been watching too much MST3K. My sister gave me the tour of the house, and all sort of people were wandering through it, working and arranging things as I was looking. Some of them were women and men wearing sharply tailored suits, others were walking with black hoods over their heads. As we ascended, touring the rooms, I found out that my sister was moving back from Germany to establish a branch of a secret cult in the Midwest.

    We reached the roof and a woman I had seen around joined us. She was a petite blond who had spoken Spanish the whole time in a husky voice and a strange accent. I asked her where she was from, hoping she knew English. She laughed and said she's American, in a perfect midwestern accent. I explained that I did not know Spanish, but I was used to hearing it spoken and her Spanish accent sounded neither American or Mexican or Castillian. She smiled at me, and I fell in love with her immediately.

    We went off the roof onto a type of penthouse where a table was setup. A meeting of the suits was gathering. And, the dream ends.

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    Last night I dreamed that my dad died and possibly had AIDS. WHAT??? Terrible, awful dream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle View Post
    Last night I dreamed that my dad died and possibly had AIDS. WHAT??? Terrible, awful dream.
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