I'm thankful for having taught three great lessons on Thanksgiving day. I also chatted with a very nice colleague, who happened to know some people with ties to the publishing industry and offered to show my book to them.
Sadly no holiday for us Europeans... But it turned out one of the best working days, so yay! No turkey at home, either; just us three and a vegetarian improvisation which turned out okay.

General thanks? Why... for living in a country where teaching and learning are considered of great value. Also, where you don't need to worry about war or famine or the likes. I think people always worry and complain. If there isn't a war, we'll complain about our workload; and if we got a day free, we're going to complain about the family; and if the family is all right, we're going to complain about the weather.

I'm thankful for the wind! After some days of smog, we get some clean air.