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Thread: The Ventvine

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain curmudgeon View Post
    I love the candid moment at the end.

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    05/14 20:02:55 Mane: RW is gone for real
    05/14 20:03:07 senza tema: yeah
    05/14 20:03:16 senza tema: i guess it became inevitable
    05/14 20:03:22 senza tema: he pushed his luck too far
    05/14 20:03:29 senza tema: and his website was a little, well, demented
    05/14 20:04:50 Mane: hey, what he said about ene's tits is exactly what we all think. you can't read a woman's in depth philosophy and poetic thinking without thinking bosoms. its physically impossible.
    05/14 20:05:46 SophiaDeep: well I can read men's philosophy without thinking penis
    05/14 20:06:03 SophiaDeep: men should try to do the same in reward
    05/14 20:06:11 Mane: i was kidding, though come to think of it female martial artists usually have a nice ass...
    05/14 20:07:20 SophiaDeep: I was kidding too... I am thinking about penis
    05/14 20:07:45 Wind-up Rex: i wasn't before...

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    foxonstilts: who was opalescence?
    prplchknz: all of us
    foxonstilts: ;(
    prplchknz: a person
    prplchknz: who exists in a different world then are own
    prplchknz: we do not exist there
    prplchknz: he does not exist there
    prplchknz: no one exists there
    silvery sleeves: i have traveled to and returned from his realm
    prplchknz: how was it?
    silvery sleeves: kinda like burlington vermont
    prplchknz: ooh i love coats
    prplchknz: from there
    prplchknz: i'm gonna make an iced coffee brb

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    Latest vent rumor: @21lux was cavorting with @Ghost and the devil right before the crops died.
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
    you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth
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