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    I'm just gonna pick one classmate from each class that I sit by.

    ESxP - outgoing, friendly, funny, but is always kind of scattered and that makes her seem a bit ditzy sometimes but she's actually really smart. still good at remembering names and faces and stuff and always shows a reaction to stuff (gasps, cringes, laughs, etc.) // has gotten yelled a once or twice for messing things up but the teacher still likes her because she listens to what she has to say

    oh man....he's sort of a druggie and gives me the vibe that he's more than a bit unstable. I knew him before he was like this though and would have to go with ENFP. Good at anything that isn't academic, loud, funny because he's weird, kind with peers but not with authority, but nonetheless sort of aggressive and intimidating at times // fights with teachers (not authority friendly as previously mentioned), but asks for help from other students and in some classes like science dominates the conversation and knows more than everyone else

    ENTP - will argue you on ANYTHING, "random" as all hell, super enthusiastic. Talks to a lot of different people who aren't his friends, but I'm not really sure who his close friends are even though I do know he has a group of close friends and isn't just some sort of social drifter // he doesn't contribute to the class much

    xNTJ? - I'm casual friends with her but have no clue. Really smart, always dresses up, friendly but not super "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU" about it like some people, the kind of person to, instead of laughing at a joke, drop her jaw or go "yessss!!" but also seems like she could throw in a good insult if you got her peeved enough, has very mild bitch resting face // knows all the answers but is quiet about it and doesn't always have to blurt them out

    ESTP - laughs at nothing/complete goofball, never does any homework, but always the type of person you can comfortably carry on a conversation with and will always acknowledge you, always talks about stuff she remembers from elementary school, talks about her girlfriend and roasts her day and night but they're clearly one of the cutest couples I've been around // doesn't contribute to class much

    INTJ - outgoing but if she does have one of those moments she's gonna be quiet the rest of class, strong opinions, dresses goth and therefore does have a total goth act to her, puns, sarcasm galore // answers questions but doesn't always have to do it

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    Social Studies/My Advisor: ISFP 9w8 > 2w3 > 6w7 sp/so - is assumed to be an extrovert by some but holds back a lot more than people assume she does // fairly casual relative to other teachers, not as strict // most lessons consist of projects she finds on the internet, expects most students to be independent occasionally holds lectures otherwise // seen as the easiest teacher to talk to with the students
    First-Semester Science/My Squash Coach/Short-Term Crush: ESFJ 3w2 > 6w7 > 8w7 sx/sp - has a ridiculous amount of energy in class // constantly remains positive - by doing so, often ends up sugarcoating many of his opinions to the extent where not a lot of constructive criticism/comments end up being available... at least, towards an individual's work ethic // extremely witty and has the ability to make anyone laugh // extremely athletic
    English/Speech Coach: ESTJ 3w4 > 1w2 > 6w5 so/sp - defies the stereotypes associated with her presumed tritype // by nature, strict but due to nurture, fairly sensitive to other peoples' circumstances // efficient and very nit-picky with errors in writing, but manages to be tactful in terms of confrontation
    Language: IxTJ, leaning ISTJ over INTJ 1w2 > 4w5 > 6w5 sp/so - extremely confrontational when she notices something wrong // best friends, or close to Social Studies teacher/advisor // enjoys looking and creating art
    Algebra: ISFJ 9w1 > 6w7 > 2 so/sp - seen as the nicest, sweetest, and most lenient teacher // encourages group projects // prone to being pretentious // extremely concerned about the well-being of students, believes that any interference with someone's performance has something to do with lack of confidence over just not giving a shit // often grasps at straws when it comes to confronting problems

    *only interacts with other memes such as (me x2)-self (two negatives = a positive) who regularly use the font comic sans unironically*

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