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    A little cabin in the woods, near a stream.

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    An Apple product with nature growing through it; a dark, heavily furnished room; secret passages; a peaked roof.

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    Fun topic!

    My dream home would look something like this:

    Oh....and I would drive THIS:

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    First, the exterior:

    I cannot decide between this exterior

    and this one

    So really, anything that looks dreamy. (High-efficiency solar panels would make it extra-dreamy! So I could make my own electricity and sell the excess for $$$$$$$.) Of course, by then I'd be able to control the weather so the sky will look exactly like I want it to look like.

    Now onto the inside:

    I expect I wouldn't be able to settle on the colour of the walls, so I'd rather have walls that can change colour. I don't know..something like high def lcd walls (that can never be damaged by anything).

    There'll also be different rooms for different things. I love books, so I'll probably have fireproof rooms with lots of books (I'm talking LOTS here). They'll also have divans of sorts so I could laze about reading a book, and then move to another.

    ^This is nothing.

    I'll also have huge rooms dedicated to gadgets. (Can't find an appropriate picture..)

    Moreover, I'll have a big kitchen where I'll be able to prepare any food I want..and if I ever feel lazy, my army of housekeeping robots will prepare something for me. (I'll have a library of favourite foods uploaded somewhere...). Oh and the robots also take care of all the cleaning, maintenance etc..

    I'll have a huge bedroom. Not exactly sure how I'll decorate it (if at all). I just want a super comfy bed, French windows, loooooooong curtains.. a few bookshelves won't hurt either. Also a lightweight laptop for lazy morning surfing.. Maybe a way to contact my housekeeping robots so they can bring me breakfast..There'll also be rooms that will be kept for my friends and family for when they come to visit...

    Finally, the most important part of my house: my secret lair. For blindingly obvious reasons, I cannot describe it but let's just say that I'll be a big-shot inventor and I'll need a place for experimentation and the conception of my prototypes.. I mean I'll need some way to have enough money to afford such a lifestyle and solar panels will likely not bring as much revenue as I'll want..
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    A large dome, floating on a lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthtrekker1775 View Post
    Lol. Cool. I always wanted a well-stocked bomb shelter too.


    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    A large dome, floating on a lake.
    I can't get the image out of my head, Victor, of Dr Evil's evil floating lair
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    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    A window to the soul


    Spacious rooms and large windows.

    Every time drive past this house in my neighborhood, I feel like I'm home. I have no idea what I would do with it, but I'm sure I'd figure out something. Here she is:

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    A window to the soul


    This is one that's nice too:

    No snow.

    Lovely St. Augustine lawn.

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