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    Okay so I talked to my sister in law and she says that your approaching it all wrong. The dogs were scared of people as well as each other so how is the dog gonna approach another dog if it can't even be near a stranger? You need to first fix the problem with the dog meeting strangers and unfamiliar people....not too many at a time maybe like have 1 friend over or something and let the dog get used to your friend. Then keep doing that and gradually it will become more friendly to people so you can take the dog out to more places. Once you've fixed the problem with the dog not liking people you can introduce it to the other dog( and vice versa), but you have to make sure its very subtle and make sure that they are comfortable let them smell each other and see how they react. By doing it this way the dog isn't overwhelmed by so many things that it is unfamiliar with and it can gradually get used to things.

    errr too bad they already sent em away tho... :\

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    I think its hilarious that you're deemed "stupid" if you don't know what a dog wants and how to read it's body language... Your friends are weird. I wonder why they bothered with dogs at all?? Moreless large ones?

    I'd just go for the best interest in the dogs. If they can't handle two, they need to get rid of one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    I offered to call Caesar Milan and my friend had a conniption, says he never ever wants to be on tv and especially not to be known as the guy who was stupid about his dog. I'm thinking, that's not why I like that show! Do you think of that show as being about people who are stupid with dogs?
    God, no! But maybe he wants to try first himself. Hopefully their relationship doesn't get destroyed in the meantime.
    He also can just watch the show a lot and read his books.

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    If they are not willing or able to assert themselves as the Alpha in the pack then they should get a cat. Dogs are social, pack animals and they follow a very specific set of ingrained behaviors, if the owner does not assert dominance than the dogs will. A poorly defined pack structure in the home can put young children at risk for an attempt by the pet to "move up" in the hierarchy and depending on the dog, that can be dangerous.
    There is a book on dog training written by The Monks of New Skete called "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend", I highly recommend it.
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    Thanks for all the comments and recommendations. Earthtrekker, I will give him the book. Looks good.

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