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    Default Questions

    What Questions do you ask yourself over and over again?

    mine are:
    why am I so fucked up?

    why can't I be normal?
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I think everyone asks themselves those same questions. But would you really want to be normal? When you see the lives of "normal" people is that appealing to you?

    I recently moved to an area where the culture is completely different from where I came from. The funny thing about that is that even though I believe that I am right about certain things, because I am in the minority here, they all think I am crazy. For instance, I think hunting is really cruel to animals, but they all think I"m totally weird because down here you hunt things and you take your 4 year olds out with guns and let them hunt things, and you can stand over an animal that has been shot and is crying out in pain and tell yourself you are such a "big man" because you shot this animal. But they think that I am the abnormal one.

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    The questions I ask are usually about suffering, and how people can be so cruel, or can commit crimes and really not care that they do things like that.

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    @prplchknz --I think for me those were lingering questions why my father asked me all my life. I'm not saying the same is true of you, but for me I had to distinguish my own voice among the questions repetitively asked by others.

    @Lily flower -- There was a kid getting photographed with a deer in the Alco parking lot. The deer was pretty huge, and it was on one of those shinny metal tool boxes in back of a giant pickup. The kid looked about 10, and he was sitting on the top of the deer as a crowd congratulated him. People were snapping all sorts of photos.

    Eh, I'm cauterized to it, having been raised to it. I was taken hunting, and I literally cried, which made my father angry. However, I guess I do like meat. Something happens when you kill something; you are basically changed. Now I could kill to eat. But at the same time, I still have animal empathy. Every year, I take care of fish, and I kill hundreds of thousands to make room for the prettier ones to grow.

    Yet, I've seen some major cruelty and torture. I don't like drawing it out, and laughing at suffering. I kill quickly, and when I kill one thing, it is for the immediate benefit of someone.


    Anyway, let's see to the topic. What questions?

    I guess I keep asking:

    Who am I?

    What am I?

    What type am I?

    Will I ever have relationships?

    Who likes me or loves me, and who is pretending?

    Is there life beyond wading through shame?

    Will I find intimacy?

    Do I really want intimacy?

    Where did I go wrong?

    Is there a place in life where the crossroads quit occurring, and have I passed it?

    What can I change and what is immutable?

    Can I make something of my life starting where I am?

    Can I leave this oasis and cross the desert of find a better source of water/ resources?

    Victor Frankl found meaning in imagining the face of his wife. Where is my meaning since I have no wife? Does my life have any meaning since I'm apparently non-breeding?

    Are forums worth my time? Why do I come here?

    If sloth were some kind of personified sin, the how can I kill it?

    I could probably think of more, but most of my mental life is symbolic imagery flowing into one another...when I'm not obsessing about future or past conversations or drowning in anxiety.

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    What is X person thinking?

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