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    I've contemplated doing the Gurren Lagann mecha but I'm too fucktarded and lazy to get the right materials together:

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    Ideas I came up with:

    - Black and white horror movie star, where I look literally black and white head to toe. Pros: This will look awesome. Cons: I dunno who to be. I don't have any materials yet. I thought maybe a black and white soldier, or a black and white creepy girl...
    - A shadow.. Get a black wig and make it more matte than shiny, black jumpsuit (which I already have), black matte dress to make it seem like I'm just a shadow of a creepy little girl behind people. Pros: Easy and I have most of the ingredients. Cons: my face will be covered which means it's not a costume I can maintain for the whole night, I don't think it'll be as a bad ass looking as the black and white thing, though hopefully scarier.

    Both of these costumes I think I can put together soon. I'll troll the thrift shops here, and whatever I find is what I find. If I find enough to do the first one, yay, if not, second one it is for its ease and last minute availability.
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    Since you are going particularly for something badass, I would try to make your own suit out of random gadgets. All you have to do is intertwine several different pieces of old junky technology together, and give it a metallic appeal, basically having a chest plate and several other armor prices woven out of junk parts tied together. then you can even add your own spins to it, like a toy gauntlet from the store and strap a laser sword to your back. Then all you have to do is get any type of voice changing helmet so that you sound badass. You might have to get some rubber boots and paint them a metallic color for the finish. When you're done, you should look like a sinister version of Robocop, given that you have the skills or at least the people to help you make this. It sounds off the walls, but I'd give it a try and see how it turns out.
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