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  • I like my MBTI type but dislike my enneatype

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  • I dislike my MBTI type but like my enneatype

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  • I dislike my type

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    Senior Member fripping's Avatar
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    Feb 2009


    i am a fan of other intps provided that they are attractive women.

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    Lay the coin on my tongue SilkRoad's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I don't think they're high energy necessarily. I don't know much about 6 either, but they cover a lot of territory. Some seem to be chronic worriers, some just constantly mindful of their need for security, some just have strong attachements to the communal/social realm and worry about fitting into that..

    As far as low energy goes, I've seen Chuck Norris of all people typed as one. Maybe he's ISTJ. If not him, then his persona is. The vigilant cop type.

    Anyways, that's just one example that goes against a high energy ENFJ.
    I guess type 6 could definitely fit for ENFJ; but honestly, I really think it's true that it's a type that could fit all MBTI types.

    I have often seen it noted that 6 is supposed to be high energy, and that is one thing that doesn't fit me at all. I am majorly low-energy...or lazy...or a bit of both. But I think it's generalising too much to say that all 6s have high energy levels.
    Enneagram 6w5 sp/sx


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    I feel my type has some aspects of isfp and istp. I've got a strong people orientation so I am isfp but lifestyle choices, behaviour and thinking style are often on istp territory.

    I like my type as described above. I like the added insight type has given me. Clarification.

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    Being E4, I'm very proud of my own MBTI type. I mean, what can be better than being me? :P

    Do we have weaknesses? For sho, but those can be improved on. I am very comfortable with Ti for example, even if it's supposed to be a shadow function. Being more organised would also be good, but that just means I want to be an organised ENFP, rather than an ENFJ for example.
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    The enneagram type and MBTI type makes for an odd combination. I am strangely strongly concerned with what others think, expressive but detached, private. A walking contradiction but I like it.

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    Diving into Ni-space Crescent Fresh's Avatar
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    I don't really like my type to be honest.

    Particularly Ni-Ti loops whenever I'm stressed out. It's like suffering from migrane 7/24.

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    I don't like my type (INTJ) because:

    I consider:
    • Ti > Te
    • Fi > Fe
    • Ni to be useless without Ti (Ni can come up with all kinds of diverging theories and can get really caught up in a particular one, but as Ti is the most analytically perfect form of logical scrutiny, Ti can prove/make sure Ni is on to something real whereas Te might reach a conclusion that works in the moment but might cause problems later.)
    • Ne's capability of "seeing everything" (seeing/considering all ideas with even the most remote relevance) is really fitting for my ideal self, but it seems Ne can pull you off in to la la land too easily and since I do desire closure like a J, Ne's cons outweigh the pros for me and if I were forced to choose if I liked it or disliked it I would go with the latter.

    I wish I were an INFJ, because it seems very common for male INFJ's to use their Ti more than Fe, and NiTi with the closure-seeking pressure produces awe in me. That's not to say INFJ/NiTi is completely a bed of roses. I had not thought about how NiTi can be a problem as Fresh said above me, but I think the pros of NiTi with J closure-seeking to outweigh the cons.

    The reason I do not consider this type of male INFJ's Fe to be problematic is because the way Fe manifests in this type of male INFJ is simply in the form of compassion and empathy for humans and a desire for total social peace and happiness, which I agree with. These male INFJ's Fe never seems to cross into the territory of enforcement of social rules and is extremely rare that it causes self-sacrifice for others (in other words: I can still have my Fi - If I don't like something, I can be valid in not liking it; I don't have to accept -whatever- "just because they're a person, too."), so it's not a problem for me.

    I'd love to vote "I hate my type" to represent the extent of my dislike of my type, but I find my enneatype (5w4) very cool. So my vote is withheld for now.

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    6w5 sx/sp


    I love my type. I like the fact that I am a rarity amongst women.
    I can't stand the guy STP's though. I think I'm too used to being around NT males. I never liked my dad either, and he was STP. I like the female STP's pretty well.
    ISTP 6w5 sx/sp
    6-8-4/6-9-4 Tritype

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    ILE None


    I'd love to know the type(s) who have/has "the best type of all".... (if they're all the same type than maybe we've got a winner )

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    Senior Member redcheerio's Avatar
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    Jun 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by crack View Post
    I'd love to vote "I hate my type" to represent the extent of my dislike of my type, but I find my enneatype (5w4) very cool. So my vote is withheld for now.
    But wait, there is an option for you! It's there in the middle, "I dislike my MBTI type but like my enneatype".

    Your analysis is similar to how I see it. While I love my Ne and would never trade it in, you're correct that it is problematic in creating focus problems. But I love how easy it is for me to see the big picture, to analyse things, and to learn new things, all with NeTi.

    But don't be too down on your Te. Te fucking rules the world, and I'm depressed about that. I read recently that some ridiculously high proportion of executives were all TJ types, and other types were extremely rare.

    I also like your theory about a well-balanced INFJ. My sister is like that. She has all the best traits of an NF + all the best traits of an INTJ. She does well in everything she does, and is well-liked everywhere.

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