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    Anew Leaf

    Default Trusting Intuition Versus What People Say

    I am curious as to how others balance the baskets of what you think is going on, and what other people tell you is going on.

    For one example, let's say that you suspect a friend of yours is lying to you about something. You bring it up with them and they tell you you're crazy, that nothing is going on. You decide to take them at their word and let the matter drop... only to later discover that your friend was, in fact, lying to you.

    But this can be taken too far where you are plucking at straws and creating drama by standing behind your intuition when there isn't something there.

    So where does one draw the line? I made up the example, so I am not looking for advice on anything specific... Just curioisity in general!

    That is all!

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    I juggle loads of possibilities. Sometimes it's possible that possibilities are incorrect. Intuition isn't something that I "follow". It follows me and I use it like a puppet master would use strings to make his puppets twitch.

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    Lol, I considered starting this very thread today. Strictly speaking, I never trust what other people say. Its not so much that I'm suspicious, but I automatically add layers and layers of interpretation to whatever I hear.

    On the positive side, things like bad grammar and hazy language doesn't phase me at all as long as I get the gist. On the other hand, I can mistakenly intuit things not remotely close to what the communicator objectively said.

    I go with my gut and just say what I'm thinking in that type of situation that you are describing.

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    This is often my constant battle; I tend to do very well trusting my intuition, initially, but eventually, lose patience and end up *listening* to what people say, or follow the crowd, which leads me to regret afterwards. I think it's because, first off, I'm not totally ALL THAT; but more descriptively that, in truth, I forget what it means to have absolute faith in something higher than this reality. You require that kind of mental power to be all that; and it just so happens that I don't have it. Part of me wants to believe in the right happiness in *this* world, which I know is false. Love for things in this world is for false goods, after all.

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    It's easier for me to trust my intuition/gut feel because at least I know I am not lying to myself.

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    I have been living this the past year, so I've thought about it a lot. For me, my intuition rules because people lie. I wish they didn't, but ce la vi. The better you know someone, or feel a connection with them, the stronger your intuition will be (i believe), and the more you can trust yourself over what they say. I started noticing this phenomenon with my intuition in my late 20's, but it took me another decade to really come to trust it. And I tend to trust it over everything else, for the most part. You can't take it for granted of course. But in those times when you *know* with certainty someone is holding back or being circumspect or lying, I go with my intuition. And just watch and see.
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    Intuition sucks. This issue is best voided by meticulous investigation.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    I never take anything for granted. Sometimes people lie to make you feel better about yourself, and sometimes they lie for purely selfish reasons.
    The first type of lie is acceptable in small doses, but if the latter is a frequent occurrence, it means you need to remove this person out of your life asap.

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    I rarely believe what people say at face value.
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    K...what I've noticed is that when I WANT something, it clouds my "intuition." Strongly wanting (or hating) something can cloud any real, valid judgement of that person or thing. They even tell you this in New Age books about psychics and so forth, but it really is true. You feel strongly a certain way about someone or something, in terms of WANTING or REJECTION, and your intuition can be waaaaaay off. Embarrassingly so. You just wanted it or feared it.

    However, if you have no attachment (this is starting to sound like Buddhism, but stay with me) your intuition will be much clearer. People and things I have no strong opinion about or attachment to either way, that's when my best intuition works. Well, sometimes it does work with very close loved ones, but as long as DESIRE has been dropped from the equation...and I even mean lovers, if you don't feel like you WANT anything from them, it's easier to see through them. My ESFJ ex used to marvel that he could never lie to me because I always saw through him. HOWEVER, this was once we had been together for at least two years, and I honestly think it had less to do with intuition and more to do with observation. I've decided lately that it's observation that is my strength, not intuition. It's just that I confused "observation" with being able to memorize license plate numbers, which I suck at, but my ESFJ ex is good at. Yet I am very observant of a multitude of things about people, because I focus on people, not on numbers or cars.

    So yeah...benevolent neutral detachment is the only way that intuition works very well, in my experience.

    And if you feel that someone is lying, act accordingly. You don't have to accuse or confront them, you can act pleasantly, but know inside and act accordingly. I think that's the smart middle ground.

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