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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    The US Mint has been manufacturing dollar coins for years now and they CANNOT get rid of them. They don't work in circulation and are just sitting in a vault, costing money to store. They have literally been a massive waste of taxpayer money. Nobody uses them. Nobody wants them. If you pay with a dollar coin people roll their eyes at you like you're some sort of asshole.
    That has nothing to do with the coins themselves.

    Coins are smaller and are much more easily spent. And they last much longer than banknotes do too.

    E.g. when I was in Florida I drove a few toll roads. The tolls were $1-$1.50. I couldn't spend my dollar bills on them, I had to scrounge up whatever random change I had lying around the car. Same with paying for parking. I couldn't feed bills to the parking meter. Again, I had to scrounge up whatever random change I had from the car.

    I found it amusing that I could use them in just about any vending machine. Vending machines here typically don't have bill readers on them. After all, $5 or more for something out of a vending machine is a lot of money. I imagine a lot of the resistance to eliminating the dollar bill from circulation comes from vending machine operators, who had already gone to the expense of having bill readers fitted to their machines and wouldn't want to have to replace the coin mechanisms with ones that could sort dollar coins.

    At the end of a given day I'd have a scrunched wad of dollar bills in my pocket that I couldn't really do anything with. I probably have about $100 worth of US cash somewhere at home, the stuff that went unused but wasn't worth converting back to Canadian dollars, and I'd wager almost half is comprised of one dollar bills.

    The whole point of physical currency is to be exchanged for goods and services. One dollar can't buy you much. As a result of inflation it has in effect become pocket change... except not in the US. :/

    (Similarly the penny should be eliminated altogether. They're so worthless you can't spend pennies on anything; in effect they have become demonetized.)

    The whole world has been going green over our money for the last 50 years. Green is money. Money is green.

    (beats chest)

    Bah. Say you're buying an item from a store. The cost is $8. You're paying with cash. What do you do?

    You get out your wallet and sort through ALL of the bills in your wallet in order to find a ten, or a couple fives, or a twenty, or whatever. (Or you have created an excuse to rid yourself of some of the excess dollar bills you have, if you can find them.)

    In Canada you open you wallet and grab a couple blue ones, or a purple one, or a green one. Or you use a blue one and pay for the other $3 with pocket change, since after all $3 is a pocket-change-size sum.

    Just about every other currency in the world has bills which are different colours or different sizes in order to easily differentiate them. Only the US persists with keeping its money green. As inflation has risen most central banks have eliminated their lowest valued banknotes and replaced them with coins. Only the US persists with keeping banknotes with very little buying power.

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    my tea collection is too limited. i remember every taste, and i only have every type of tea sold in the local store. -.-
    food is crap, they put poison into it!
    people shouldnt smoke, its incredibly rude to those with oversensitive smell! (and dmages peoples health.)
    ughf, do i have to change my sheets again? i already changed them two weeks ago. -.-
    this music is boring! lets try chinese pop instead. 30 minutes later: BOORING! -_-
    why dont people socialize? even extroverts are more introverted than i! -.-
    omfg, my dream was so useless, again!
    why do people get dogs? that barking hurts my ears! and watching for landmines every time i take a walk is annoying.
    ughf, again boring emails!
    do i _really_ have to pay my bills today? =|
    but then i wont have money for food.. -.-
    these laws are annoying, why cant i threaten to kill someone if i have good reasons to?
    this person clearly has ego problems, hes too muscular.
    why should i pay attention to him? hes boring as hell.
    why does it take 5 years of waiting for games to make any progress from the simplistic shoot and kill to something more interesting?
    i want a PRACTICAL, and an _efficient_ phone, not some damn fancy touch screen one. and a keyboard, and no.. i dont want to bring it to be "repaired" every half year due some stupid inconsistencies.
    why does 90% of the products have poison in them? this researching is frustrating!!!
    why dont they sell bigger plastic cups? this isnt enough for my tea, and i wont start doing dishes.
    why is 95% of the products sold total crap, and i have to research them ALL, just to find the 5% that actually do work.
    HMM.. how many xbox ones i will have to purchase this time?
    why does the kids shows have more depth to them than "adult" stuff? i thought people were supposed to "mature", i guess i was wrong. (iron man 3 was.. devoid of any real content. apart from tony starks flat impression of 7w8 personality.)
    ughf, cotton shirts feel uncomfortably heavy!
    why does wikipedia blabber endlessly over a superficial perception of this thing? i mean, GET TO THE FKIN POINT!!!

    UHM.. i could go on forever! xD
    healthiness is all about appreciating other peoples inferior function. its like the sore spot no one ever notices, but we desperately wish they did, and if you focus on doing that, youll have many friends. and also learn to appreciate your own inferior function, others wont find it stupid if you show them how cool it is.

    INTJ 4w3 Sp Sx. (i dont believe in tritype. i do believe in learning traits from others.)

    mistakes happen. expect them, and grow from them. look for them, and avoid them.

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    My iPhone button keeps sticking, using 2 remotes is too complicated so I don't feel like putting on Netflix, I have been sitting on the couch so long that my skin is sticking to the leather, and of the 6 appointments my University advisor sent me, only 2 of them are somewhat doable. Woe is me.

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    Ahhhhh! I want free stuff!

    I love film noire and wanted to watch Otto Preminger's Fallen Angel from 1945 but now it turns out the file is corrupt and the movie is no longer available on youtube.

    Shame! This movie is almost 70 years old. I should be able to watch it whenever I feel like it!
    The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life. - Bertrand Russell
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    I have to trudge all the way down to the basement to do laundry.
    I have to wash all my dishes by hand because I feel wasteful using the dishwasher.

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    ^ If it makes you feel better, newer models of dishwashers actually use less water than handwashing typically. (Unless you both rinse dishes and then wash them in the machine.)

    My popsicle was too cold to bite into.
    Google made me think I was crazy just now for saying 'popsicle' was misspelled because it wasn't capitalized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by senza tema View Post
    I have to trudge all the way down to the basement to do laundry.
    I have to wash all my dishes by hand because I feel wasteful using the dishwasher.

    sinks often host larger cultures of E. coli and other fecal bacteria than toilet seats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LevelZeroHero View Post
    Somewhere, someone in Africa is streaming Netflix on the go faster than me.
    I have it on pretty good authority that the Khoisan people have access to LTE. Mobile speeds, of course. I'm just saying: going full nomad could seriously increase your (internet) quality of life....

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Herring View Post
    I just read that only about one third of the Swiss population has 4g reception. I live in Germany and am happy if I have 3g, which is not always the case.

    Not exactly third world countries.
    I know unprovoked passive aggression is kinda your wheelhouse (and while I don't want to take anything from those who apparently have so little), but that was a joke between friends.

    Should I be expecting anymore of these little fact checking forays going forward? It'll make it easier to not completely forget that you exist entirely in the interim if I know they might be coming.
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
    you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth

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    My laptop volume is too quiet. Makes it unreasonably difficult to hear the lower range of dialogue in my favorite TV shows!
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    Seeing passive aggression where there is just information.

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