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    No. It makes me anxious and disoriented. But also adventurous and inspired. Either way, it's not relaxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uwace View Post
    I don't know about internet shopping but like, shopping IRL lets me have a concrete guarantee of what I'm buying and I'd much rather have that guarantee and bringing it home myself than waiting on some delivery.
    ^ This. If I already know the item I'm looking for and I can get it online then I will order it.

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    Like others, I enjoy shopping depending on what I'm shopping. I don't really shop for books but I love spending time in bookstores.

    Lately, I've found that I enjoy clothes shopping but it really depends on how urgently the garment is needed and also on the person I'm with. I rarely shop alone (indecisiveness ahoy!) [unless it's books, electronics etc. Also, in the case of books, electronics etc, I have usually researched the thing to death before and although I'll still be ~ 5 % indecisive, there's still the 95 % certainty.]. Some friends can be annoying to shop with (when they make negative remarks about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING), but with some others, it's very interesting. One of my good friends and I definitely enjoy going to the mall to stare at everything and design pretend outfits for pretend parties, weddings etc.

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