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    Nerdy stuff I do..

    -Playing WoW with 5 accounts at the same time (multiboxing).
    -I watch all good scifi I can get my hands on (Star Trek, Babylon 5)
    -I've tried to win a puzzle contest by programming the task on a graphic processor
    -upon hearing some claim by a religious figure, I want to examine the sources quoted and study it critically
    -I think the solution to many problems is increasing the order and systemizing it

    Funny, those are not the worse parts of my life. I'd love myself if that would be all of the stuff I do. The things I hate about myself are non-nerdy. Well, the things above are not anything I would base my worth upon either. Hmm. I had better set up a thread about one other topic.

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    Omg I forgot to add the most exciting. Listening to computer game soundtracks. I love the oldies! Some I've listened to many times over..

    Impressive orchestral style score with animal roughness to it
    Jolly comedy melody for a C64 Game Thing on a Spring, one of the first by legendary Rob Hubbard

    Epic technopop score by Chris Hulsbeck

    Many of the legendary 8-bit tunes played on a custom-made synthesizer, Linus Akesson

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