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Be sure to say you had a perfect childhood, too. I had a friend jump through all hoops to become a firefighter, but got turned down because he had a rocky home life as a kid.

Lie to make yourself sound perfect. Though, I'm sure it won't take much lying - if anyone's sane, it's going to be an ISTJ!

Good luck!
lol. Luckily, my home life/childhood isn't too traumatic. I'm not a saint, but I haven't really done anything that should be a major red flag. I guess the department will determine all that for themselves though. I will not be dishonest.

Gah, I'm anxious! I hate the waiting game, and doing this whole process in stages. Can't they just throw me a badge and gun already? It's not like there's any potential liability in treating this like Mardi Gras, right?