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    Default 21st Century Objects to Steal

    I'm noticing that people are stealing things that i don't remember hearing about going missing much before - maybe its just that they are getting reported now. There was a series of manhole covers stolen for their scrap metal value that was causing a lot of car accidents - as later sub-victims would break axles driving into an open hole.

    Then today I read this one -
    Long-haired women secretly snipped -

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    Reminds me of the trend back in Beastie Boys days, of stealing the VW badges off of VW Beetles and the like.

    Odd what people collect, and why.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kuranes View Post
    Hair thieves have been around for a while. I remember hearing about them originally in the mid-90s, but I don't know whether the ones I heard of were thieves answering the demand for real hair extensions or were hair fetishists. Because I often have waist-length hair, I might have a sensitivity to stories about hair thieves.

    More on topic. Not real new, the software companies see it as theft (cheating), and it still seems strange to me!

    NPR had a story on World of Warcraft gold farmers this morning. Gold farmers play video games for 10+ hours a day. The gold their characters make is then sold in the real world for $4-13 for a day's virtual work.
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    I am so reminded of the 1714 Alexander Pope poem "The Rape of the Lock." Good stuff, if not a bit long.

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