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I don't think female ISFJs are computer geeks. Maybe just the male ones are.

The rest of the site was funny.
My ISFJ mom is a something of a computer geek. She can be found playing lots & lots of online games, posting on facebook, looking up recipes & other info, and forwarding news articles to friends/family. She goes through withdrawals when denied of this. I'm surprised she has not found some forum to post on (maybe she has). She likes to spout factual info at other people, but she's also paranoid of talking to "strangers" online, soooo.....

When I would occasionally post on makeup forums, it was chock full of ISFJs (and ISFPs, but they mainly posted photos of their awesome, crazy artistic makeup). I was the odd woman out there & frankly, got bored. This forum is just too theoretical for the average ISFJ to give a crap. My mom tunes out attempts at MBTI talk in 5 seconds flat.