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    Maybe you're expecting too much, and maybe you're not conveying that you're joking.

    I've done the "I'd wear clothes, but that's just me" thing before, but I don't expect a huge laugh from it. Usually, people will just play along, and go, "Oh, huh, yeah, I hadn't thought about clothes, but that could work..." or something. It becomes a little jokey convo to have with your friends, but it's not the type of joke that makes people fall on the floor laughing. It's just being silly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkenya View Post
    I think I'm hilarious. Not everyone agrees. There are times I do or say things that I think are funny but people just look at me like I'm retarded/weird. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this thread is about those times when you are sure you are being a comedic genius that no one quite gets...
    I am the exact same way. Sometimes people laugh when I didn't expect them too, though. That's always a pleasant surprise!!! The day of the "rapture" was a good example. I just kept walking around saying stuff like.. "so... how 'bout that rapture?" Weather ended up being really strange a few days later. I kept joking about dying or dissolving into the warm winds. Having accepted my death by tornado because I've lived a fulfilled 26 years. Some people thought it was absolutely hilarious. Others. ???? Then the day following I kept complaining that now that we're still alive I had nothing left to laugh about. An example of many, many many "unfunnies" on my part.
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    Sometimes I say really dark, inappropriate things for many reasons, one of which is that I (personally) find it hilarious when a whole group of people just shuts up because one person took it a little too far. I get a chuckle, not many other people do.

    For instance, a bunch of coworkers/friends were standing around ragging on this guy they work with wishing he would just quit and I piped up "yeah, maybe he'll die" and everybody just stopped. They still talk about how it was a pretty inappropriate thing to say, but my whole point (and the point that I find hilarious) is that it's ok to talk smack about someone as long as it doesn't go too far. WTF? That doesn't even make any sense! I wasn't even being serious and they reacted so violently to it (even though they didn't hesitate to saying some pretty awful things before - seriously). People are so funny that way.

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    ^ Lol That reminds me of the time a friend of mine was complaining about his girlfriend and I was like "Maybe we should kill her. No seriously, I bet we could get away with it. All it would take is a well thought out plan and the right people. Dump the body in the right place...and how would anyone know, really?". Everyone fell silent and looked at me as if they were concerned for me lol

    And my point was similar, if it was really that bad then stop talking about it and do something about it. (Kill, end the relationship, etc etc..)

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