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    Quote Originally Posted by ravana View Post
    i want space monkey. gorilla's are brutes, not sweet and cuddly like ENTPs


    The Pope
    Michael Jackson
    Richard Simmons

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravana View Post
    better yet

    ENFP - care bears.
    Dude, we do MyLittlePonies. Bears are for ENTPs...

    ENFP: I'll leave the comments to others...

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    Fe/Fi 36.9/37.7
    Ne/Ni 34.9/25.8
    Se/Si 25.7/19.5
    Te/Ti 28.4/31.9
    Type: 2w% sx/sp/so

    I don't want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

    Never take life to seriously.. No one gets out alive in the end anyway.

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    INTP with enneagram 8 = WOLF.

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    An ESFJ mother with a bunch of little ISFJs. (They have swine flu)


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    Default Ni+Fe

    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    enfj: the crazed unicorn

    i like the above one.

    nobody likes peacocks but there is something very strong about this image:

    if you think about cliches, the peacock seems to be an Fe dominant animal (enfj exfj) but this particular picture emphasizes the impersonal spirit of bird spirits (with the fresh morning atmosphere). "nonduality smells like burned almonds" that makes it into a very Ni dominant image to me.

    i have been compared with a "Kopffler" (head walker) that is a creature that is a head on legs, with nothing in-between. might be the drawing of a kid but its also a nickname for the Cephalopodes or Calmars or Ammonites. (i don't like that comparison very much.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post

    I think anything that sleeps like this either has to be an Extrovert or a Feeler.

    wow that reminds me so of how mountaineers sleep in lodges. i am traumatized cause my dad made me sleep there, and i peed into one of their mattress, yay!

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    These guys think human beings are silly
    haha, they are the best. they are meditating there and the rest of this world exists only in their imagination!!!

    here is two screenshots from the movie baraka:

    they look like genpo roshi aka dennis merzel

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    Of all the posts I read, I'd have to agree about:

    ESTP - Lion (Social, playful, fun... but sometimes all: "HEAR ME ROAR!" )
    ESTJ - Bee (They're always work, work, work.. but hell, it's for the people important to them :P)
    ENTP - Monkey (Out-going little problem solvers... so curious!)
    ENTJ - Rhino (Yeah, that made sense. Energetic, take charge... my ENTJ friend would approve. He always likens himself to a pitbull)
    ESFP - Lemur (I keep picturing the lemurs from Madagascar....)
    ESFJ - dog/lioness (Loyal, wants to take care of your needs, loving... but man, if you mess with someone close to them, they'll bite your face off. Hehe... my mom's an ESFJ. Lioness could work in a similar way )
    ENFP - Horse (Playful, nurturing, free-spirited, want to run with their wind [whatever they feel they should be headed in life], but can rear up and kick you in the face if you mess with them the wrong way Note: One ENFP friend claims his "spirit animal" is a snake... the only way I could see that is if you were looking at a description of the Chinese zodiac snake)
    ENFJ - Peacock (Agree with Nanook above )
    ISTP - Mountain lion (Don't have a great explanation for it, but I agreed with maliafee when she said it. Maybe because we are cat-like, but... not quite a house cat. And Tiger seems moodier than an ISTP is.)
    ISTJ - ??? (Don't know any ISTJS that I'm aware of ><)
    INTP - Owl/Black bird (I say black bird because they're actually quite wonderful problem solvers)
    INTJ - Snake (I hear "strategist", I think a clever snake.)
    ISFP - Racoon (My ISFP cousin would agree... playful, light-hearted, adaptive )
    ISFJ - Kangaroo (Nurturing, practical, great parent)
    INFP - Butterfly (That seems about right... although I don't know any INFPs personally that I can relate it to)
    INFJ - ??? (Again.. don't know any INFJs... a lot of people say cat or dolphin. I can see that... but if I'd amend cat to some other big cat... leopard maybe? )

    I don't really want to say a house cat is any one type... their personalities range from dog-like and loving to RAWR! I'm a tiger. Wild animals seem more symbolic to me, and hence better suited for this topic's purpose. That, and I think house cats are a very symbolic creature in and of themselves because everyone interprets what a cat is very differently (A while back I read a simple one-question perspective quiz on how you saw a cat... a loner, a sun-bather, curious, selfish... Or something like that. And in fact, in reading this thread, I saw all those perspectives). For instance, someone mentioned a cat being an NF... I can see that. My own opinion is that a cat is an animal that can enjoy the senses, lounge in the sun and enjoy the here-and-now Again, it's all a matter of perspective.... thus that's why I think people like discussing cats in a MBTI forum

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    ESTP - a fun Gorilla or a Seagull
    ESTJ - idk any
    ENTP - Orangutan...outgoing, amusing, clever, a little over the top, get what they want
    ENTJ - Bear or some slightly more social but slightly vicious animal like a that's always at the tip of the V as they fly
    ESFP - A, demands attention
    ESFJ - A hen...motherly, protective, busy gettin things done
    ENFP - i can agree w/ Horse or Otter
    ENFJ - i willl think about that
    ISTP - Mountain lion
    ISTJ - Bees or something
    INTP - Owl
    INTJ - Hedgehog...prickly, solitary, a little fussy once you get to know them, they have a soft underbelly though
    ISFP - bunny
    ISFJ - Lemmings..solitary but active and sort of quiet anxious caretakers (my mom)
    INFP - A giant elephant shrew (go image search them..they are strange but so endearing and cute) or a red panda...or manatee.
    INFJ - a Loon...a little complex, smart, you hear them but you don't know much about them

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    an ISTP would be a lion of some sort

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