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    Vampires Suck, boy did they suck and Superbad was super bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    I almost absolutely love Suckerpunch. The only thing that got me was some badly executed fights, especially specific movements in them. But I love the story and idea of a delusional and traumatized mind looking for an escape, conjuring up the means to do so through hallucinations in order to gain the mindset to accomplish the goals that need to be accomplished. I thought the plot itself was extremely well executed. One of a kind and one of my most favorite movies. If the fights were done better it might have even been in my top 5.
    I think it's easy to diss the movie on the most obvious excesses or under accusations of misogyny, but I thought there was at least an attempt on some level to take some risks. The story is not nearly straight-forward as it might seem, the story twist reflected in the title doesn't work on some levels but I still find it to be immensely provocative for breaking Western-style expectations, and the deleted scene with High Roller helps clarify a lot that some might have missed in the theatrical version. The story does also successfully operate on three different layers of reality at once. Seems to be a more visceral Baz L approach (although Baz usually shifts into NF-style excesses, this movie is carnal in texture).
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    I especially like how the protagonist escapes her reality (twice over! Clearly she's not a good dancer so her mind had to go deeper for the distraction scenes) only to confront the true reality of things. She can't directly face her reality, so she uses her mental instability to her advantage.

    It's very interesting and gave me a lot of inspiration for thought.
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    Any of the Twilight or Transformers movies (unless with a Rifftrax!).

    I haven't walked out of a movie in ages, but the last time I did, I left a bad movie for a worse one. Left School for Scoundrels and went into the Black Dahlia theatre. It was worse, but I needed to kill time until the people I was with were ready to leave. At least The Black Dahlia was (unintentionally) funny.
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    Apollo 18.

    Wait til the Redbox folks ...
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    Brighton Rock.
    Humorless. Stiff. Maudlin. Atrocious score.
    I guess even Mirren has bills to pay.
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    Napoleon Dynamite.

    I just don't get it.

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