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    I didn't remember it was my birthday till facebook told me today.

    I win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    exactly, what's going on inside my head is probably much more important than whatever else is going on. i'm a master of tuning out people/background noise too.
    That's why I'm always zoned out.
    Last night, I was zoned out and at the same time I was watching a fly buzz across the room. During a meeting.
    Apparently everyone thought I was tweaking because some people couldn't even SEE the fly.

    Quote Originally Posted by knight View Post
    today walked into the womens restroom on accident...
    My guy friends willingly walk into the womens restroom.
    Your epidermis is showing. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    PS you probably already know this but you are not "allowed" to do this. You are ENTJ after all.

    It is your job to catch people "sleeping on the job" so to speak and whip them into shape.

    That is how I know you are just gathering information so you can keep an eye out and later snap at us, "Hey! WAKE UP!"

    This is also why I recuse myself from this question.


    And leave me alone :c I can't help what I've been cursed with D:

    My main issue with forgetfulness, is that I get too hyper-focused on things, and I forget about everything else I don't deem important for what I have to do.
    But I also have "zoning out" issues sometimes....

    I remember once in high school(a few years back), I found myself at the from door of my house, not remembering anything about how I got there other than getting on the train from my high school. It worried me, but hasn't happened as severely since.

    But I am forgetful. VERY forgetful. It is horrible.

    This is why I usually keep a book to write things down in, in case I forgot to do them afterwards.

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