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    Default How do you name a thread?

    From "London Burns" to "tell me something libertartians ..." to "I obsessively spank my cat" to "This Makes Me Feel So Many Negative Emotions I Want to Start A Riot" to "US Credit Rating Downgraded for First Time in Spite of Debt Ceiling Deal", the style and intent of thread naming varies. Some say what the topic is right out. Some lead in with a challenge or a joke. Some capitalize like it's the title of an article, some disregard grammar immediately.

    So, basically, how do you name your threads?

    I tend to say exactly what the point of the thread is in the title, and capitalize every major word like one does for a book title or article title. I think: here is this topic, officially and clearly presented. You are either interested or not, and there are no false pretenses.

    How about you guys?
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    I don't know what I do. Here is some of what I've done. The ones in bold I am most proud of...

    What or Who do you associate the above member with?
    Now for something completely different
    Which type do you reckon I'm closest to?
    What's my Type?
    Just vs Fair
    9 sp/sx
    DISC question on adaptive and natural styles.
    My Mood
    Pick a Jackie Chan avatar for me.
    What's the difference between a shy extrovert and an introvert?
    Teach Me Emo
    An Investigation Into Emotions And General Badassery
    On Badassery
    Discuss this analogy of Fi and Se in isfp
    Poll: esfp/isfp: se versus fi; who is leading the race?
    Started by wolfy, 04-16-2011 12:30 AM
    How would losing your sex drive affect your overall drive?
    Analyze Wolfy's Underpants Dream.
    Place your bets on: The people we will never type and will only derail a thread
    Bruce Lee
    Type Wiki
    What Difference Would It Make if You Were
    9w8 or 8w9
    Where Is My Arty Arty Side? An investigation into Fi and art.
    Describe the above members functions in an amusing fashion.
    Poll: How many variables do you take in at the supermarket counter line?
    Bring Back Quinlan
    Archetypes, Cognitive Dissonance and all that Jazz
    Wolfy's ISFP Project
    Random questions
    How easy is it for you to see your dominant function?
    Poll: So I'm still ISFP eh?
    Define Principles and Values.
    On Tension: Using it well.
    SFP Stuff
    Road Music
    Best Love Songs. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.
    Nines and Merging
    Enneagram 9s: Saunter up!
    Poll: Wolfy: Sx/Sp or Sp/Sx?
    Aotearoa Whanau
    My Very Last Post
    Bucky's Favorite Question
    Dog Types. An asinine adventure into canine typing.
    What is your Weetbix Record?
    Posts Per Day Mathematics
    SFP Fi
    Let's talk about Keirsey
    What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Wolfy Gives Advice in the Form of Music Videos
    Awakening the Hero Within
    You're Such an ISFP!
    Entertain The Person Above You
    Radio With Pictures
    Latinus Namus (The Dog Latin Thread)
    Dumb stuff you did as a kid
    You're Going To Die!

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    It came to me in a dream!
    Oh, its

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