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    I started strumming an acoustic guitar a week or so ago, my roommate's. I find the process of learning and strumming chords extremely relaxing, so I think it's about time that I bought one.

    Any suggestions on what kind? I'm not going to be stingy with cost.
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    Good for you! I think the best thing is to find someone who plays well, and can go with you to the guitar shop.
    It's good you're planning to get a good one, because a cheap instrument can really make the experience a lot less enjoyable, because they don't hold tune as well, and can be really hard to get a good sound out of.
    You should look at used guitars too. You can find a really good instrument for less money that way.

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    I agree with nebbykoo about taking an experienced player with you. Go to the guitar shop and play a bunch of different brands. I have an expensive Martin acoustic that sounds amazing, but I actually end up playing my $400 Laguna more because it just feels a lot better to me. Martins and Gibsons and Taylors are the super-expensive brands, but you don't need to start out on something that upscale. You can get a nice Takamine, Yamaha, Laguna, etc. for a $400-$700. I wouldn't go much cheaper than that, though, unless you can find a good deal on a used one. My cousin got a used Guild acoustic for about $400 that I am super jealous of. Play it, plug it in if it's acoustic/electric, see how it feels and sounds. See if the neck feels good to you.

    The most important thing is to have it set up properly. Get the strings as low to the fretboard as they will go without creating a buzzing sound against the frets. That will make the guitar easier on your hands, and you'll want to play it more as a result.
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    Don't worry too much about brands. As a friend once said, "the key is finding a guitar that makes you want to play". For me, the guitars in question are Jacksons. They make me want to play. Very much so.

    Just mess around with a few guitars, find one that has a nice neck and a nice body shape, and you're set. If you're going for an electric, avoid guitars with a Floyd Rose because they're a bitch to deal with... so go for a string through body if possible.

    If you're going with an acoustic, the only real recommendation about that is to get an acoustic-electric and an amp so you can get more out of it. Necks on acoustic are usually very thick and they can be harder to play because of that. It's why I prefer electrics.

    Side note: if you're serious about playing guitar and making it into more than a hobby (i.e. making songs), I'd suggest you don't learn any covers and just focus on techniques, scales, chords, etc. I know quite a few people who have trouble writing songs because they learned to cover songs instead of making their own.
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