We had a 'family game night' which while wasn't set in stone as to the day, and I'm sure we missed weeks here and there, we still did it regularly. For us, it was board games or card games as a family.

We also took annual summer vacations, and usually went somewhere over Spring Break, whether it was to visit relatives or to go somewhere just on our own (a national park, disney world, whatever).

Additionally, a handful of times a year we'd go to state parks for the day - for a walk, just to see it, take KFC for a picnic, etc.

Christmas was always nice. A few times we spent it with extended family, either going to their place or they coming to ours, but whenever it was just our family, for x-mas eve we'd have the same meal every year (clam chowder, usually cranberry jelly, some rolls, a few other little things to nibble on), the same breakfast every x-mas morning (an egg casserole and some type of homemade coffee cake), and the same sort of x-mas 'routine'/schedule: Santa's gifts, then breakfast, then gift-opening, then by mid-day a big lunch/dinner combo which was usually chicken, turkey, or ham, with mashed potatoes or stuffing, rolls, a homemade pie for dessert...

Similar awesome-food-and-family-time-guarantee for Thanksgiving. That was a given.

On Saturday mornings our special breakfast 'treat' was often donuts from the grocery store, as my dad's routine tended to be getting groceries early every Saturday morning. Then we'd watch cartoons.

And, when my brother and I were about elementary school age, my father read The Hobbit and all three LOTR books to us, out loud, and we'd pore over the maps together. Now *that* is dedication and awesomeness.

^^Some of the benefits of having two ISxJ parents.