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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    the communication thing is unfortunate, but a problem on both ends, not just yours.

    i'm coming to believe more and more that it's fine to just bow out of certain relationships. they can be their own good whole person and i can be mine and you know? we don't really have to interact. it's okay if we don't get along. people just clash sometimes. different methods, motivations, styles of communication.

    you can always remain open, should he ever choose to establish contact again.
    Sure, it's more than okay. Nice post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    Yeah, I know right? On one hand I hand understand getting into a mosh pit and duking it out for fun, but you loose me when you decide to go right-wing wiccan, progressive seventh day adventist, or even anti-MBTI on an MBTI board. Smacks of contrived nihilism to me. But, whatever gets them through the day. I can always complain if I don't like it. (or not read it, which is a lesser alternative)

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    Insensitivity or social/emotional unawareness is not a quality, it is a lack of one, and yet it is often treated as if a person does it purposefully. Sometimes they do, but more often it is a matter of what they aren't doing. Handle accordingly.

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