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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    This is my most niche community. Seriously. You should see people's faces when I try to explain this forum to them.
    I was going to say I don't have one. But, then I read this. Seconded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    Dude, you are soon gonna awake your 7th sense.
    This is how INFP's powerup with style, wizard dreams. In a quest to restore my energy and health its certainly taken me to astonishing places. I'm surprised by the fork in the road I have taken, no way would I be saying those would be my hobbies a few years ago but they are now.

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    I'm currently trying to gather a group of people with common interests in creating and making things in order to get a space setup to share tools and knowledge. The people who are into it know where I'm trying to go, the others need some more explanation.

    My list of past hobbies:

    Victorian home restoration
    Wine and Beer Brewing
    I tried cross stitch once, that's a chore.
    Working with polyclay.
    Traditional woodworking
    Electronics, especially Microcontrollers
    Vintage Electronics and especially vintage audio and computer gear
    I have read a lot of Science Fiction and am involved in the community
    8-bit art
    I game, geeky card games and the like. But, it's kind of a hostage situation.

    Now, I just like to come up with neat ideas and make them happen. It's not even a proper hobby.

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    "Early" music
    Classical music

    Art music generally, also more specifically:

    "World" music (which can be a confusing misnomer; I like many traditional classical and folk music forms from around the world and sometimes spiritual music, but am not all that enthused by "new age" stuff which also comes under the "world music" heading - I prefer the authentic forms on the whole )

    Exotic percussion playing (mostly Indian stuff like the tabla and related drums; I have been playing Irish a bit lately too though and am also interested in learning middle eastern percussion at some point)

    Mythology and symbolism
    Premodern poetry, literature and art (all sorts of stuff from the renaissance to ancient times, I'm not going to list everything I like here!)
    Singer-songwriting (mostly in jazz and folk styles)
    Cooking/playing around with food to see what happens
    People-watching (they are strange creatures but a good source of unintentional amusement and entertainment)
    Military history and strategy
    General history and the developent of culture and ideas
    Psychology just a tad - my level of present enthusiasm might be shown by whether I'm posting much on here lately; then again it might not...

    That will do for now, I've probably forgotten something important though.
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inverness View Post
    I'm new here, so hopefully this is the appropriate forum, and if it is not, I apologise

    But concerning the topic, I'm just curious as to see what type of unique interests are represented here.
    This is a perfect topic. I honestly don't even think it's been done before. (And that's rare for new people, good job! )

    Fitness has opened up a world of people to me. Runners, racers, cyclers, classes at the gym. These aren't exactly my BFF's, but we do have a culture all our own, and I have met a lot of people around here through this outlet.
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