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    Lightbulb A few truths about MBTI

    No type is more or less better than the other, and nor should you identify your type on basis of stereotypes or "myths". Discovering your personality type should be based on your functional process rather than whether or not you fit in such and such mold or category of persona.

    As such, being a warm-hearted person who wishes to help others and bring harmony to a group does not neccesarily make you Fe, and nor does being stoic, rational, and expressionless make you a Ti. Having a knack for being late or disorganized isn't an instant trait of perceivers, and not all judgers neccesarily need to be structured, rigid peoples constantly organizing their environment.

    All these personality traits come from who YOU truly are and act as a person, rather than personality functions. Any person can be hard-working and dilligent if they set their mind to it and find the motivation, just as any person can express concern and care for others if it truly comes their hearts and way of being.

    Remember, as well, that all the Myers-Briggs types contain four distinct functions within them, and so ones type and personality shouldn't be defined simply by one small letter or cliches.

    Not all Se users, for instance, have to be "mindless", gregarious extraverts who live for the moment without any conscience or thought for the future, and nor are all Fi people hypersensitive and overly emotional indviduals who are too self-absorbed to pay attention to what occurs beyond their own range of thought.

    Keep in mind that being a dominant Te does not mean you are a stuffy, close-minded person who wants nothing more than to categorize reality for personal benefit and consistency while ignoring others' needs, but rather that you view the universe through a rational lens and thus, try to form logial systems in your work and interactions that you feel will provide the better, and more efficent, outcome.

    Si does not call for being a person who lacks imagination and focuses only on what happened yesterday, but instead a sensible person who first collects needed data and information to then be able to relate to the outer world.

    Similarly, not all Fes or Fis are irrational creatures who moralize and focus too much on values, cohesive or not, and not all Nis and Nes have to ignore reality and the "truth" to better use their functions, whether or not they sometimes feel disconnected from it.

    In other words, a thinker, extraverted or introverted, still has the potential to feel for others and empathize, whether naturally or not, whilst a sensor still has the ability to be imaginative, disclose possibilities, and forsee a plan for the future.

    All such traits come from ones own self and actions, and so thus, you shouldn't categorize yourself in basis of what a stereotype implies or what personality mold best fits you.

    Repetitive as may be, the point of this post is, you are YOU, and not the personality Myers-Briggs categorizes you in. No human being is alike, and not even the most identical of twins share the same DNA or viewpoint of the world.

    While we may perceive society through similar functions, still, we have our own persona and decide for our own actions. Two individuals can be dominant users of Fi, and yet their personal value systems and flaws can contradict the others', just as two people with dominant Ti can mentally have an entirely different structure of logic.

    Never try to change who you are based on results received from a personality test, or much less try to fit yourself into that one little whole of traits, whether you do so or not.

    Humans in reality are much too complex to be placed in the box of one of sixteen different personalities, and I find no way for a simple personality test to just be able to know who you truly are and what your potential goals are in life. The question to ask yourself is, what function do I seem to have a preference for using, and which ones do I use to truly interact in and perceive the world?

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    remembering that the functions are, in fact, cognitive functions - just frequent patterns in how you think - is always helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastarr View Post

    Not all Se users, for instance, have to be "mindless", gregarious extraverts
    Not all Ne users, for instance, have to be "mindless", gregarious extraverts.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    Glad to have these reminders.

    thinking of you

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