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View Poll Results: Do you like to argue?

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  • No! Conflict makes my stomach churn

    3 3.75%
  • no

    12 15.00%
  • not really

    5 6.25%
  • occassionally

    5 6.25%
  • arguing: no; debating yes

    28 35.00%
  • only if they're intelligent

    9 11.25%
  • when I'm bored

    4 5.00%
  • YES!

    2 2.50%
  • I enjoy a good conflict

    6 7.50%
  • only when I need to put a filthy invalid in his place

    6 7.50%
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    Senior Member LEGERdeMAIN's Avatar
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    I like to argue somewhat. I don't have a lot of static beliefs so it's difficult to argue with someone else about most topics for any length of time. I prefer to share what I know(think I know) and listen to what other people know(think they know) and idk, see the similarities, differences and ways in which two people's opinions can fit in with each other to some extent, yet because of minor differences can still lead to very different conclusions. Learning is something I enjoy doing and as long as the other person isn't trying to rip my throat out I'm happy to talk, share ideas, argue, debate, throw-down, etc. But I can't stand arguing something to death if its a minor issue or if the topic is one that excites one or both parties in some kind of stabby-stab, violently passionate way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamb View Post
    Arguing is not my thing, it makes me feel quite negative and very hurt, I dislike making anyone angry enough to want to argue with me. Debating gives me an adrenaline rush if I am knowledgeable about the subject at hand.
    debating gives you an adrenaline rush? LOLz

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    debating gives you an adrenaline rush? LOLz
    I get an adrenaline rush from debating, too.

    How is this different from you getting an adrenaline rush doing MMA?

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    Not online

    thinking of you

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    Arguing no, debating yes.

    Easier IRL than online though.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    No, I don't.

    I like to discuss, sometimes I like to debate. I like to have serious talks, but no I don't like to argue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    that being said, I can't arguing with people who try to bring feelings and "shoulds" into things. the optimum is when you are trying to reach a mutual conclusion with an intelligent person but you keep exchanging/considering information until one of you is convinced that the other person's solution is better (my INTJ friend and I do this several hours a day sometimes, even though he ends up being right 70% of the time, which is okay with me because)
    the idea of "trying to be right" is just stupid. if the other person's view is superior and you adopt it, than you're right now too.
    Yes, this is how normal people behave. You won't find many of those on typology forums, all too busy with the sickly sycophantism.

    Do I enjoy arguing? No, but I do enjoy a deep and conclusive debate.

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    No, and arguing for the sake of arguing makes my head hurt particularly badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    Do you enjoy arguing with people?
    Not really. But I will do it if I believe strongly enough in the matter and want to make my stance clear. My stomach might be churning and I desperately fight the urge to just run away and forget anything ever happened, but I will do it anyway.

    I can say that I enjoy heated conversations if there are signs that they're actually going somewhere positive, like the initial argument has the possibility to either be resolved or a mutual ground can be accomplished.

    I dislike when things don't get resolved because people back out and succumb to their prejudices and refuse to address the issues at hand when things can clearly be resolved.

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    Generally: Yes.

    What I like:
    - Debates, even heated ones, where both parties can come away from it mostly enjoying it. (Even during times where I feel severely owned, as long as the debate was a good one, I'll still like it later.)
    - Play fights. (Disagreements that don't matter and both parties feel that way, playfully yelling and acting dramatic about nothing to each other for the sake of passion, etc.)
    - Real fights where honesty comes out and situations improve as a result.

    What I don't like:
    - Yelling, screaming, storming out, hanging up phones, throwing things, etc.
    - When nothing is getting done--i.e. we're arguing about the same shit over and over again, communication is hindered, etc.
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