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    My Aunt lives like this. I always thought I'd turn out like her. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing as yet. I really balk at the idea of paying out so much money for rent/mortgage, it really bugs me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanctus Iacobus View Post
    Apparently air-conditioning is hard to get a hold of, but a vent fan could suffice. A lot of decent sized truck campers have showers as well. I'm interested in the "wet bath" models which basically squish the bathroom sink and toilet into the shower stall for a larger shower and smaller bathroom.

    It looks like this may just work out. I'll be taking this out under loan collateral, so it depends on how much is approved for a budget. I'm hoping for $30,000 to cover a diesel 2-ton pickup which with care can last up to half a million miles, and the rest of it invested in a solid camper which will also last with regular maintenance. For another $2000 out of pocket I can outfit it with 400+ watts of solar energy. That reduces my bill down to weekly w/s/g refills, food, and laundry. For internet, I could always attach a hi-gain 802.11 antenna and pick up free internet while parked anywhere in the city, then repeat the signal inside the vehicle and use a VoIP mobile phone setup for my phone. Which cuts down the bill to $300/month plus gas, so around $500/month.

    What's significant about this is that for a base $6000/year, this would really open up traveling options. All one would have to do is save up 6 grand plus gas and maintenance costs and they could theoretically spend the rest of the year on a road trip/vacation. Personally I won't be doing this as the monthly cost considerations are strictly for the advantage of my budget, but it's still a cool idea nonetheless for anyone wanting to life such a life.

    If I can launch this, I'll definitely write a blog about it here. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Keep it coming.
    Good luck!

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    As a fellow ENTP and somebody that has lived a very minimalist lifestyle for the past three years I have some thoughts. I have attempted this more than once, I bought a F-350 Powerstroke and a 33 foot 5th wheel with two slides (wasn't really slumming it like that) but in that situation I sold it to have some stability a little longer with my living situation/kids. Anyway, I would get yourself an expansion tank for water, they use them for hot water heaters, they allow some water pressure without turning on your pumps and in case of power failure. I would get something with a shower and I would add a batch heater or solar water heater to the roof. I would swap all lighting to LEDs and get a small solar setup with the ability to charge when docked (plugged in). For gear, have at it, I tend to often times be a cheap ass but wool base layers are amazing! Sierratrading has some really good deals on stuff, sign up and they will send you 35% off plus free shipping codes from time to time. Don't go cheap on outdoor gear, it just isn't worth it. If you wanna stay tuned it, I would be fine with my iPad/keyboard combo allowing me to go into coffee shops but I may opt for a low power consumption mac min and drive around till I found wifi, or get a cricket wireless card for dirt cheap, you could also tether with your phone.

    If you're taking out the loan anyway, I would really do some looking into a small 5th wheel, they pull well, have a wonderful amount of space and come in 20 foot or lower models which are super easy to pull, you can also really fix them up like a home and outfit them with the modifications you see fit. PM me with any questions, maybe I'll even join you, or at least give you a place to park if you ever end up my way, I have a couple spare acres, perfect spot, 15 minutes from the Tucson and right across from state land. You'd be welcome to spend a month or two, or three on it in exchange for a little yard work on the property and a couple trips to the dump. I have empty land outside of Kansas City as well so let me know if you need a basic spot to park for a few nights.

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    Smile The Literal Minded and the Electric Nomad

    We began the first 200,000 years as nomads, and the last 3,000 years we settled into agriculture and literacy. But today we are laptop nomads. We hunt and gather on the internet.

    Our first stint as nomads has prepared us for the nomadic life once again. Once again we are dividing ourselves into tribes, only this time it is electric tribes.

    Literacy gave us the individual reader, but in the electric tribe we all feel the same thing at the same time. So in that sense, the etribe abolishes time and space and returns us to the village where we are within shouting distance of each other. And as we hear, so we feel, and we feel as one.

    This gives us the problem of identity. For the identity of the literate man is his cultivated, individual self, while the identity of the etribe resides not in the individual but in the etribe itself. And so our literate surprise the etribe establishes its identiy through violence with other etribes.

    And this is what we see around us as mobile phones become ubiquitious, wars between literate nations are much less, and wars between tribes within nations are becoming prevalent.

    Nomadic living is upon us. The literal minded of course talk of camper vans, tipis, domes, group houses and peripetatic living. And this is the limit of the literate - they are literal minded. And they can't get their heads around the electric nomad.

    Meanwhile we sing the song electric.

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