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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    Chunking sounds more organic. With the settings adjusted do you think this could a useful tool for teaching people how to read without subvocalizing?
    I'd think it would be hard for a computer to clump words in the same way I was taught. It's not a mechanical thing like "You clump every 5 words". You learn to recognize common phrases, and words that often appear together. It's more intuitive. Something you learn from doing it over and over and over. And it changes based on the type of reading material. They would give us sheets of statistics... like... "In a News article, these are the top 5 most common prepositional phrases:" and "These are the top 5 most common verb/noun combinations:" Then they would do the same thing for a Textbook source, or a novel. It changes drastically depending on what your source is.

    We're also taught to ignore a lot of fluff words when the goal is reading comprehension. The vast majority of adjectives can just plain be skipped over. In the more advanced classes, we would even learn to quickly 'alter the structure' of a sentence as we were reading it to make it shorter. In particular - Recognizing when verbs are used as nouns, and converting them back to verbs. Like this sentence: "I'm making the recommendation that the...." we would read as "I'm recommending that the..." Or "...would make an immediate improvement to it's community." as "...would improve it's community."

    But it's very quick and not a conscious thing when you're used to it. Like, as you're looking at this sentence, you would just pick out the bolded words and construct the meaning of the sentence from that: "...would make an immediate improvement to it's community."
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    So I got that they were discussing the World Bank's role in support of developing and disaster stricken nations (specifically Haiti post earthquake). They mentioned something about the IMF and DSK's sexual assault charges. I'd need it to be slower to know more.

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    I've never subvocalized... with the exception of, if it were a particularly favorite passage, I'd return to it and reread it slowly to absorb it. I've always been a very fast reader, perhaps this is why? I didn't know most other people did that.
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    I subvocalise even when I skim and no one would call me a slow reader.

    I personally find it excruciating to read one word at a time like that program makes you do. I retain very little if I force myself to read that way. Like Patches, I tend to take in written information in chunks or phrases.
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    That link made me just "wait wait wut??"

    Reading one word at a time is like listening to somebody who stresses every single word of a sentence, regardless of importance. Your brain has a much harder time figuring things out that way.

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    Yeah, what Hatter said. It's silly to prioritise every single word in a passage to the same extent; you'll get very little out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    Go here:

    Copy and paste the following into the box and click "spreed".

    Don't read the following quote in depth, just briefly skim over it (spend no more than 10 seconds).

    Under settings set it at 500 WPM, and under advanced settings check "Slight pause at end of sentences and paragraphs."

    Suppress the urge to "sub-vocalize" - don't say the words in your head, just stay focused.

    Tell me what you think. How was your comprehension?

    I could go into the details behind this but I'm just putting this out here for people to check out for the moment.

    full NYT article here:
    Your computer reads faster.
    It will never understand.

    What you can read fast is not worth your reading.
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    I'll respond to some of these later, but not a single person found this helpful or interesting?

    I found it quite pleasant to not have to scan and was able to understand what I read. It was easy to mentally filter and rearrange junk words while the machine kept the pace for me, improving my focus.

    It's not perfect, but I quite like it, at the least as an experiment or learning tool.

    I added a more straightforward passage for demonstration.
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