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Thread: Why so wild?

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    Default Why so wild?

    I read a book a while back called "wild swimming" which was about swimming in the rivers and waterways of the UK, I kind of thought it would be too polluted to do that but it did have lots of great photos of places which seemed really nice, there was lots of good points about safety but an acknowledgement that it was different from swimming in your local pool with a lifeguard on duty.

    Then I found, would you believe, a book on "wild walks", this could really be described as "abandoned or forgotten walks" but there were chapters on medium and longer range trekking through stretches of terrain which arent "fenced in" (with lots of cautionary tales about people dying on the moors or mountainous terrain).

    Then, and I suppose this is a sort of awareness thing, I started to notice if there were holidays or trips or attractions being described with specific reference to being wild or to wilderness etc. And there are lots.

    I wondered what could be behind this and thought I'd open a discussion about it, is it just a clever marketing strategy? Even if it is just a clever marketing strategy what makes it a clever marketing strategy? Why the attraction to what's wild?

    I personally have some ideas about how it is an attempt to stimulate a culture shift, towards inexpensive or financially uncosted activities during the recession which will counter boredom and eunni (spelling). A lot of this is to do with rediscovering traditional activities before TV and individualisation trends. Although I'm unsure Oberon's points about domesticity made me think a while back too.
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    i have thought about wild jumping, jumping from the roof of 20+ meters tall buildings, might be fun
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