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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Tell me about it.

    "I love people! They are so interesting and complex and fascinating!... STOP INVADING MY SPACE... I want to know the deepest, most precious secrets of your heart!... If you keep on exhausting me with your bullshit I will death stare you to the ground... All I want is to be known for who I truly am *sighs* ... I SAID STOP INVADING MY SPACE!"

    Sp/sx can be genuinely schizophrenic at times. But again I am glad that I am an introvert and a 9 which means that I keep my mood swings to myself instead of throwing it all out there and at the same time Fe gives me the ability to say the polite and gracious thing even though I might not feel like it on the inside.
    Haha, I relate to this, though I'm not a 9 (I'm pretty sure! )

    I'm INFJ 6w5 sp/sx.

    I think I'm a more down-to-earth INFJ than I might be with a 4, 5 or 9 type. I think of myself as a romantic but very pragmatic/realistic at the same time, if that's possible. I find myself both cautious and fun-loving, which I think is quite a good way to be and quite appealing to a lot of people. I'm very loyal and not flighty in friendships and the like.

    Honestly though I think it is a tough combination. I think INFJs tend towards paranoia due to those multiple Ni perspectives anyway, and 6 just exacerbates that. I'm prone to anxiety and phobias and gut-wrenching nervousness, as well as a loyalty and devotion which sometimes finds itself betrayed. All wrapped up under a very calm exterior which probably makes me look more like a 9 and which, more to the point, makes people think that I don't require any kind of gentle handling or (in the worst cases) that I don't have any feelings of my own.
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    So, I am an INFJ 4w5 (461) so/sp and this is how I see myself:

    I'm a pretty introverted, sensitive, curious, idealisitc, passionate and security-oriented person, that needs their independency (especially that nobody depends from me) and likes to do things in her own way. I'm very knowledge-seeking and could research all day long. If someone enters the room, while I'm delving into something interesting, I could get really mad :-). I feel like an old soul, even when I was a child, though I could and can be very silly, too.

    Although INFJs and 4w5s (per se) are unusual types, I think this specific combination works quite well and my 1-fix and 6-fix (together with so/sp) balance out the strong Fi-tendencies of the 4w5 that sometimes seems to clash with my Fe-preference. Apart from Ni+Fe I think a have a stong tertiary Ti and at times I tap into shadow Fi. Maybe I seem a little more authoritarian (withour need for power!) and conscientious than other fours. And sometimes a see a lot of five-behaviours and needs in me. If it's due to my strong Ti or the strong 5-wing, I can't say, but I finally settled on the 461-tritype.

    What can I say about me? First of all I'm super interested in building structures (or restructuring something), put things into categories, learn new theories and concentrate on the "big picture". I don't care much about details -unless my perfectionism let's me get lost in details- but my focus is the big picture and how everything is connected and influenced by each other. I always need to do things in a systematic manner. Everything needs to be coherent and should make sense.
    Furthermore I'm interested in understanding myself (and the world). I would say I could "read" other people very well: how they think, what they feel, what intentions they have, etc. In the first place, when people get to know me, they might think I'm an extroverted person. I'm pretty funny and in social situations I like to ease the tension/lighten the mood/breaking the ice. But when people get to know me better, they see pretty clearly, that I'm an introvert by definition. I need lots of time for myself (I need to save my energy). When I'm alone I'm normaly lost in my intellectual persuits and interests: sociology, how society works, what drives people to do the things they do, personality-systems, history, politics, random theories, critical revision of cultural habits. I also search for specific persons that I consider interesting and like to read everything what they've written. Besides, I'm drawn to careers that allow me to oberseve and to better the world around me while -at the same time- expressing my individual views and self. I'm quite moralistic and voice my ideals. I'm full of convictions and think very much about social values. I would consider myself a social critic and want to make the world a better place, where nobody is decriminated and harmed (fields of interests: Veganism, Feminism (exploitation of woman in the sex-industry, sexism, lookism, body-shaming)), anti-materialsim/consumerim, sustainable living, environmentalism, for individual religious beliefs, againts organized religions (secularism). I'm a perfectionist with very high standards and I work as a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher and I like to teach other people.

    What else? I'm concerned wih the question: who am I? What do I identify with? What fits me so I can truly express myself and others can see who I really am and not just the first impression or the preconception they have of me. On the other hand I'm afraid other people could see something of mysef I don't want to show or I want to hide, something too personal to be known by others. I always felt kind of different and I define myself outside the social system. On the same time, I want to belong and want to be accepted, even if I don't fit in, and I feel the latter is often the case. When I'm new to a social group, at first I'm pretty adaptable and conforming to avoid being singled out. But as time goes by, I want to be seen as who I really am.
    The 4/6-combo makes my very reactive, although I have a 1-fix. I don't necissarily repress my anger (like a One does) and I can have a bit of a temper. My anger shows especially when I'm misunderstood, my privacy (my personal boundary) gets hurt, someone is ignorant or too provocative, etc. I think letting out my anger is a good thing, so I could be a pretty forgiving person either.
    Socionics: EII - Big5: RLOaI
    Enneagram: 1w2-4w5-5w6 so/sx (Philosopher/Acticist)
    Temperament: Mel-Phleg-Chol (Idealist)
    Archetypes: Idealistic Advocate> Intuitive Visionary> Insightful Intellectual
    Zodiac: Pisces H8 > Scorpio H4 > Aries H9 > Leo AC
    Oldham: Sensitive-Leisurely-Idiosyncratic
    Aura: violet-crystal
    If funct. stacks. exist at all: MBTI: Ni-Fe-Ti-Fi-Te-Si-Ne-Se - Soc.: Fi-Ni-Ti-Fe-Ne-Si-Te-Se

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    ESTJ, 1w2, either So/Sp or Sp/So.

    I don't know a whole lot about the stackings (since I haven't found descriptions good enough to help me decide what their order is, for me), but ESTJ and 1w2 means that pretty much everything about my ESTJ-ness that could be considered offensive or harsh is tempered and subdued to the point that it's barely noticeable. So my 7 integration and 2 wing make me seem like a nice person, instead of an overbearing, Te-dominant jerk, like so many other ESTJs that people complain about. But on the down side, having Te combined with a 2 wing can make me a little paranoid about the possibility of offending anyone -- and I use the word "paranoid" because my Fe is too weak for me to make a truly educated guess.

    Fi + type 1 gives me double the poetic righteous indignation (which can be fun because it makes me feel like a Warrior For Great Justice!). And Te means I'm not as resentful as a lot of Ones, since I feel obligated to speak up more often than I feel obligated to say nothing. (Actually, I initially didn't think I was a 1 just because I didn't relate to the resentment thing -- that's how little I define myself by it. Which is great! Resentment sucks.)

    But I think my favorite part of the combination is that I'm tough. Type 1 means I keep my complaints inside, Sp 1st/2nd (and 7 integration) means I won't let myself suffer for very long, and ESTJ means that I care more about solving problems than talking about them. So that combination gives me some excellent coping mechanisms that have served me well.

    I could go on for a while, with this, but my brain isn't very linear today.
    From 2011, and the only thing that isn't still true is that I'm so/sx, not so/sp. I wouldn't call myself "tough" anymore, as much as I would call myself determined - I fall down as much as, or more than, most people, but I'm less likely to give up.

    My much more concise present-day answer:
    e1 ESTJ = I get shit done and I do it right
    so/sx with 2 wing and 7 fix = I get shit done with a positive attitude and sunny disposition
    3w4 fix = I get shit done while maintaining a great balance between looking good and being authentic
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

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    INTP 3w4, 5w4, 9w8?

    -Ti: Over analytical about everything, more likely to think than do something, take logic seriously and can't function without a logical system to keep a sense of order (Someone I knew used to say "Control is an illusion" which annoyed the shit out of me, though that'd a bit Te too), picking apart inconsistencies and sometimes making fun of it. I like to be articulate.
    -Ne: writing stories all my life full of ideas, many I never finished growing up. Use to role-play the story ideas I had with friends, and also liked messing around with animation. Envisioning my ideas, envisioning possibilities, envisioning the future.
    -Si: some things from childhood I hold fondness for and keep around. Watching some old movies helps me sleep. Ti-Si both results in some things needing to be the way they were for peace of mind or I could annoyed because they changed something that screwed up how "the story" for example was originally. Every show has in-universe logic I'd like writers to not contradict and I hate potholes and fan service.
    -Fe: inexpressive, dry, monotone, people have trouble telling when I'm joking sometimes. Unless I actually smirk. Poker face. Other times though I can exaggerate emotion a bit too much compared to what I'm actually feeling. Like when acting. But not often. For the most part I seem laid back and chill, and don't seem high energy really. I can also buy stuff for those I care about when the mood strikes me, to show I care. I don't do it a lot but the fact I do at all means something as I only do it with certain people. I'm more likely to show that I care, while not having to be emotional or anything to do so. Just "I like you, here. You don't have to pay me back." And I have a friend who always hooks you and expects you to pay him back when I just give to show I care, which pisses me off.

    -3w4: ambitious, image focused, see myself as unique and can seem a bit elitist. Want to make a mark in the world. This may be where some of my "poetic" wording comes from too maybe. Since I speak a bit different than other INTP's.
    -5w4: I'm more attracted to the unique and paranormal things. Uniqueness again. Appreciation for dark things. Morbid humor.
    -9w8: A softness some have noted. I like to keep things going smooth as it is simply the most beneficial. And can seem a bit passive. But when I feel wronged in a way or dealing with rude authoritarian presences my assertive side comes out to defend myself and not put up with shit. Hate feeling controlled in any way. Also a bit of a reckless temper, but it's significantly improved compared to when a kid. Can be soft one minute, then sharp the next.

    I like how the combination results in how I can see both sides to an issue and try to come to a consensus and in some cases I've literally been a mediator between two arguers. Like if someone believes something weird (someone I know believed the earth was flat and got mocked by another) I might half defend them. By this I mean I won't take sides but I'll make it clear that mocking will only make them more adamant to cling to what they believe and feel rejected. So I will clear it up and get them to relax and not talk about it anymore and accept one another's beliefs. This happened a little while ago. Like a week ago... I guess the fact I'm not aggressive towards others ideas either tends to help my relations since I try to be reasonable and detached and not make it personal. But if someone is aggressive towards me or they're being a dick to someone else because of a viewpoint I can get a bit aggressive because I don't appreciate it. Likely where the 8ish part comes in.. What especially can trigger me at times though is when I'm being attacked for being detached and pragmatic about an idea and the person thinks I'm somehow immoral because of it. They can't get past the detail to see the big picture of what I mean, and get offended. Such short sightedness annoys me.
    "A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death." - Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Rational Neutral - Rebel Neutral)

    Eclectic Oddball, that I am

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