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Thread: Forum Etiquette

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    there are many who are emotionally and fnancially dependent on their parents, and being dependent do not dare be nasty to their parents, but instead come here to express their nastiness.
    You should have stopped here with your theory. This was intriguing enough, you didn't need to hide the most valuable part, with layers of garbage.

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    Generic forum etiquette is fine; but it has to be explicit and applied fairly; generally I've learned to deal with people with a four step approach.

    Gauge behaviour against your own behaviours of 1) nice/ 2) indifferent/ 3) awful

    4) If any provide a decent response then reply in kind; similarly if none work then ignore/deride said user as they are doing to you. Fair is fair.

    It did tick my box that the op has the location: In yo thread, derailing yo topic whilst asking for more etiquette.

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    Smile Etiquette and Adolescents

    Etiquette is like MBTI - it only touches the surface.

    We all know people who make a fetish of etiquette and we know them to be shallow and empty. And exactly the same applies to those who make a fetish of MBTI.

    And for most adolescents their life task is to conform, and their conformity is entirely on the surface, so MBTI appeals to adolescents and the adolescent in all of us.

    And most of us achieve our life tasks as an adolescent and move on to deeper and more satisfying life tasks. And we take etiquette for granted.

    I remember in high school we had etiquette classes and the class was full of adolescents except for the teacher, who was grown up.

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    I had a 50 year old professor tell us her MTBI

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