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    Default Going to Iceland- Advice! :D

    Ok, so I have no idea where to put this thread idea... mods, move as you see fit!

    I am going on a vacation to Paris/Iceland in August, and I am hoping for advice and information from those who live there or have visited there.

    We haven't fully cemented our Iceland plans yet. Some ideas I have:
    Whale watching (!!!)
    Horseback riding
    Volcano exploring
    Charter plane flyover of island (not sure how pricy this might be, plus I am not a big fan of flying in small rickety planes...)
    Shopping - I really want to get some sweaters, scarves, etc... So any suggestions on where to buy this stuff is very welcome.

    Paris, I will be part of a tour so I will hit all of the main touristy things, including a day at Versailles. Anything else I should look into doing?

    Thanks for any and all responses!

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    Roam the landscape and be a viking.

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