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    I'm a very forthcoming and upfront person, with no qualms about who or what I am. I have always been comfortable with who I am, and never felt any reason to question it. This is the first and only forum I've been a member of that involves questions of personality, spirituality, or anything related to understanding the human condition. My other forums are related to cars, motorcycles and racing. I apologize if I offended anyone. My lack of tactfulness (is that a word?) shows through sometimes here. I'm just trying to learn and understand how other people think. It's not something I've really ever thought about before. School Me!!!
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    As long as members don't care about my wrong pronoun usage, it doesn't matter to me what gender they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftKick View Post
    As I spend more time in TypeC, I find a lot of people don't mention what gender they are. Some people change their avatars from male to female, or have a picture that is not the persons gender as an avatar. While my pic doesn't give you that information,a quick search will provide that info. Why hide or misrepresent who you are? Is it because you don't want it to be a factor in how people respond to you, or something else? I personally like knowing who I'm chatting with, and want others to know who I am. I mean absolutely no disrespect in this, and totally respect and understand wanting to keep personal information private. I was just wondering.

    I'll tell you a story that isn't my own.

    Patches told us about how she wasn't 'allowed' to join a WoW guild simply because she squats when she pees and 'women start drama'. or w/e. Patches goes in under the disguise of a male.. and months and months go by, until they want to make her some sort of leadership. She never had to talk, just play, so people had no idea until she had to break the news to be the leadership. She says that people treated her much differently once the knowledge of being a female was obtained. While she just wanted to keep things normal, the only way to do that was to lie.

    I find that online when it is realized I am female people treat me differently as well.. Sometimes I just don't want them to. I don't think it is necessary to know I am female to know my viewpoints on typology, or any other topic here outside of female-specific topics (females: tell me what you think of x..).. So I just don't throw it out there like it's free candy at a parade.

    I don't hide it either.. people are free to ask me.. but considering this forum in particular is very gender-confused-friendly, transexual-friendly, and sexual orientations are all over the place, we have a very wide demographic here in general.. so just asking "Are you male or female?" doesn't really help many people out on here.
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    I don't try to hide my gender, but I can see why one would do that. Typically girls / women seem more rare in most areas in the internet, and you can see easily how people behave like idiots when there enters one or there is some unnatural high amounts of attention in general so I could see why you would try to avoid it if you feel uncomfortable with it. Obviously it can also be an advantage to hide your gender as a guy in certain situations (although in most places it is automatically assumed you are male).

    And then you could also just be more careful with what information you share to the general internet public, which is ok to me too.

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    Don't care whether people think I am male or female because of my avatar (or my previous name.... for instance.) If asked, I don't mind stating it either, not like I don't imply my gender in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    I don't hide it either.. people are free to ask me.. but considering this forum in particular is very gender-confused-friendly, transexual-friendly, and sexual orientations are all over the place, we have a very wide demographic here in general.. so just asking "Are you male or female?" doesn't really help many people out on here.
    I sometimes call people by their usernames because of it.

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    I've been mistaken for a girl on this site several times, partly because of my personality, mostly because I use chicks as my avatars. But one of the greatest things I like about web forums, is that spiritually speaking I can be a girl on the internet; I'm at liberty to construct my own gender identity at will, allowing me to be male or female whenever I want to be. On some other web forums I have even intentionally used feminine usernames and avatars, simple because being known as a female on those forums is kinda fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    On Central time and space are abolished and we are disembodied. However we still have the hangover from the time we were embodied in a particular gender, but now we find we are no longer embodied so we can be one gender of the other, or best of all, no gender at all - which the medieval scholars called, pure spirits.

    Yes, we are pure spirits in the noosphere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    my gender is pretty obvious here, but i interact as gender-neutral on some other forums. almost everyone is biased in how they respond to genders, so yeah, i like being of an unclear gender sometimes. especially because i feel sexually non-standard, so i do not really like traditional gender and sexual binaries anyway.
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    If I really start to like someone, I want to know what their gender is, for what I assume are obvious reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blankpages View Post
    Exactly. It's interesting how simply not making any sort of obvious display of your gender is perceived as deliberately "hiding" it. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I'm female. I don't mention it a lot, since I'd rather just stay on topic and allow people to respond to my ideas, but when it's relevant to what I'm discussing it's perfectly clear.

    I think the fact that it reads as odd if someone's gender isn't obvious shows that people do subconsciously use gender a lot in deciding how to interact with someone.
    Yeah, things that are not put in clearly labeled boxes can become conspicuous to those who see things in dichotomies. Reminds me of this news story, actually, but not as "controversial".

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    I have a tendency to suspect any conscious decision to withhold information about ones self.
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