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    Default Embarrassing the Kids...

    I thought this father's persistence was amusing, turning what could be a one-time embarrassment into positive neighborhood buzz.

    Dad plays best prank ever on teenage son

    Rain Price will never forget the first day of his sophomore year of high school. On the bus, packed with classmates from his suburban Utah school, Rain peered out the window, mortified.

    "The school bus for the first time ever came down our street this year," explains Rain’s dad, Dale, to Utah’s Daily Herald. "This was [my son’s] first year on the bus. My wife came running in the room and suggested we go wave at him to embarrass him.”

    And so began Dale’s hazing ritual that continued every day for the rest of his son's school year. The first day may have been the most shocking for Rain, but in the days to follow, the surprises kept coming...
    Anyone with kids ever do anything similar?
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    The better prank was naming him Rain.

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    I wish my parent only waved to be embaressing.

    My father used to drive a nissan pick up truck that he cut the muffler off of with stickers that said buy american and harley davidson on it. Not to mention the three four foot antennas sticking up out of it. Then he would pick us up from high school bumping (loudly) polka music while wearing one of those hats with the fake pony tails. Then just to draw more attention he would frantically wave at us with his arm for us to walk faster as we dodged questions like, "is that your ride?"

    Love my father, but I cringe just remembering it. Lol.

    He is an intp btw.

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    I would have LOVED a father like that. My father's so serious about everything I'd totally troll my sister's kids in this manner >83!! Ideas are brewing as we speak!!
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    That father is.... cool! I would of loved to have been the receiver of such an escapade.

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    I would have hidden his prosthetic leg before leaving for school!

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