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Thread: Are you moody?

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    Default Are you moody?

    I was thinking about my moods this morning and I want to hear about your moods. Do you consider yourself a moody person, do others? How often do you change moods? Have you ever catagorized your moods?

    I'm probably a bit on the moody side. At some point in my life I started becoming aware of my moods and then started identifying them. This became especially important when I was living with loads of stress and had to predict whether I'd attempt to do something stupid. Sometimes I think of my moods as aspects and sometimes I think of them as companions depending on how motivating they are.

    My usual mood feels mundane is pretty centered and just a bit defensive. People trying to get me to do things will have to justify themselves, and I'll have to put some energy getting myself moving on something.

    Then I have a positive manic mood. I'm not terribly focused and have trouble staying still and I want to talk to a lot of different people or start taking things apart or make something. This happens when I'm in a good mood or exited about something.

    My fortress mode kicks in when I react bad to environmental stress, I feel insecure and withdrawn. My responses and expressions are anything but engaging.

    If I feel stressed for too long then it breaks into a 'fuck it' mood. It's a break even, release point where I feel I have nothing to loose. I'm most likely to mess with other people in this mode.

    Other stress response is an angry dark mood. I feel like I'm projecting darkness around me, and walk around glaring at things and imagining them on fire. There's a kind of glee to it. This dissapates usually within a short time span.

    Oh, I also have this mystical mood where everything seems connected and alright. It's very floaty.

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    Yeah, I'm moody. Manic moods, throw it out the window moods, cool ambivalent moods make up the bulk of my moods. Oh, and romantic moods.

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    I can be, my mood can change quickly.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Ha... I have no idea.

    I'd say most of the time I'm in a fairly pleasant mood. Sometimes I will get cross/stubborn/sullen, occasionally sad. Usually if I'm annoyed, it passes quickly.

    Consistently angry or controlling people really cramp my style, though. I try to stay away from them as much as possible. I really prefer things to be pleasant.
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    yeah i'm moody. i can be perfectly fine and then one little thing will leave me sulking the rest of the day. and i used to get in these crazy hyper moods that would come out of nowhere, it felt like i was on something.

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    Not counting horniness, I am sometimes moody. (Counting horniness, I am always moody)

    I often appear to have a "Wuuuhhhhh" mood, it's a funny mood, but they never last very long, it's a mood I can snap out of and continue life as if nothing ever happened. It's hard to explain what it's really like but, it's like this detachment mood. Where my mind goes blank and the world appears empty, it can happen in a room with other people, and everything they said just doesn't exist in my memory. It's like I don't exist for a moment.

    And rarily, when sleep is scarce and work is piling up, I sometimes become grumpy, but I tend to keep it to myself, directed at myself. Others will only see that grumpyness if they deserve it in some way.

    I don't have morning grumpyness or chagrin or anything like that though.
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    Sure I can be moody, especially when I am PMS'ing. It would be interesting to track/document our moods! I will start today and report back in a few days are you guys up for it?
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    Yes, I am moody.

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    Urghhhhhh! yes, Annoyingly so.

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    No I am not.

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