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    I'd like to paint, draw, write fiction and delve further into photography for the rest of my life. This might help turn off my brain which revs non-stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    Occasional cleaning, doing some shopping, spending some time with the kids and in the meantime writing a book or two and playing a game or so.

    Yes, that would be so perfect. That is my ambition! I would trade my career for that instantly!

    What is your ambition?
    Marry me?

    I want to own the land I live on, live in a house I paid for myself, have a few awesome vehicles I paid for myself, and work at a job I don't mind working at until I retire.. Oh, also, travel the world, spend as much time with my friends as possible, learn as MANY AWESOME THINGS as I can, and maybe get a relationship with someone who doesn't mind helping me run my empire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    I have heard this time and time again from engineers. This reputation does not bode well on the profession. It seems like a good percentage of people who are drawn to engineering start out wanting to develop or invent things. They are imagineers, scientists and physicists that want to do great things for the world with their gifted minds, but instead they end up saddled with boring, mundane, mentally stifling work by their employers. I wouldn't call this very encouraging for their minds. I am saddened to see great minds not being used to their full potential, especially when they want to be.
    yeah it sucks hardcore, and I'm glad that I broke away from it

    I've accomplished a few of my major ambitions. I'm working on the rest in parallel. I'm about 80% of the way through with all of them. I think I need to add some new ones into the mix, because once a goal is extremely tangible, it becomes almost stale to me

    Neither the girl nor I want to be a house anything. Thank God for that. Power to the rest of y'all, though.

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    I want to be a rock star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    I used to want to be an entrepreneur, but never thought up a good business idea let alone a plan. I was pushed into engineering, got my degree and have been working as a consultant. I thought consulting would be a great career choice, giving me the chance to get out of the office once in a while and to get a wide variety of experience. After working at this for several years I recently realized that working like an S.O.B. for comparatively poor pay was not worth my time anymore and rather than carry on working a job that I have come to loathe, I quit.

    So now I'm not entirely sure what I want to do anymore. I'm not the kind of person who lives to work, which is the kind of dedication required to go anywhere in engineering consulting. I have been working to live, but haven't done a whole hell of a lot of living over the past... oh, eight years or so... and this has made me pissed off and miserable.

    I want to do something fulfilling. (House-husbandry is decidedly NOT fulfilling.) I want to do something that, well, I want to do, rather than something I could do or should do. I'm tired of listening to people telling what I should do.

    I'm just not sure what I want to do anymore.

    For now I think I'll bugger off and travel. My passport is up to date; suggestions?
    I studied engineering for a while, then I thought I wouldn't like to work as an engineer and I quitted. Now I'm studing psychology and I'm really happy with it, I guess that was a good choice of mine. x]

    My ambition is to be a good psychologist, work with counselling, study and learn a lot, live in ONE HOUSE and not keep moving all around. I wanna get married - hopefully with the one I'm in love with now - and then have at least two kids. And if my husband wants to be a househusband, for me it's ok, so he could take care of the kids and they wouldn't need babysitters or whatever; if he did something at home to earn some money would be really nice.

    And I also would like to travel through Europe. Hitchhiking I guess.

    But just being happy and content with myself would be wonderful.

    Come to Brazil. :P
    I would like to go to Chile and Machu Picchu to see pyramids.
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    Personally what I'd like the most would be to be independently wealthy and physically fit, then to spend the rest of my days travelling to the visit all the sacred sites of the world religions, philosophies and modern political ideologies, maybe take a couple more courses of study, maybe not. I'd just love to be able to really take people or leave them instead of having to deal with as many painful people as I do in reality.

    Sometimes I imagine that I'd really need a partner too, although to be honest I've met three or four who were about perfect and it didnt work out, the rest of the single ladies in the world pale by comparison and really I dont need a wife, I would like a travel buddy or social scene though.
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    I want to own a successful business, open multiple locations, and be able to hire a full on management team to handle most of the business for me while I travel <3. No kids for me... although I might adopt a child when I'm fully ready to settle down.
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    On the premise that I don't have children, I think I'd really like to be one of these so-called house husbands, and I could probably be pretty good at it, too.

    Given that there's probably a snowball's chance in hell of the happening, I instead am working toward becoming a professor, since that's about the only real career that I'd probably be good at or find tolerably enjoyable.
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    I want to be a rock star.
    I think you already are buddy.

    As for myself... I would like to create a family dynasty of some sort.

    By that I mean that I would like to make enough money so that I may pass it along to my family. Preferably enough so that my direct descendants could live off just the interest if they so chose.

    More importantly, this money will allow my descendants enough influence (political or otherwise) to get them out of whatever jams they may find themselves in.

    Specifically, I would like to be an ambassador one day.

    In pursuit of this... I have an interview on monday with the former ambassador to the Bahamas... *crosses fingers*
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    Have you guys seen that show "House Husband's of Hollywood"? lol
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