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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    I also have a bit of request. I know there is this book series about this fantasy gunslinger, and something about a 'the seven' or something and lots of weird phrases. And basicly it's a very odd book (or books). I know it only because many years ago someone once told me about the books, and I can only remember bits of what she told me about the books, but not the title. Anyone know which book this is about? I'm curious because I want to read them!
    Are you referring to Stephen King's Dark Tower series? The first book is the Gunslinger.. and yeah, it's wild-west meets fantasy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Are you referring to Stephen King's Dark Tower series? The first book is the Gunslinger.. and yeah, it's wild-west meets fantasy.
    Damn, that must be it. Thanks!
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Are you referring to Stephen King's Dark Tower series? The first book is the Gunslinger.. and yeah, it's wild-west meets fantasy.
    My assess of DT:
    Book 1: Decent (it was a compilation of various short stories, after all, woven together after the fact)
    Book 2: Awesome
    Book 3: Decent
    Book 4: Awesome
    Book 5: Sucks monkey butt, then tries to eat monkey butt, ends up smelling like monkey butt
    Book 6: Average
    Book 7: Decent

    it will definitely keep someone busy, it's a lot of "book."

    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    Lol, I love how some of the most popular books out there fall in both the "Best books" as well as the "Worst books" category on that site. Internet voting fail.
    it just means that tastes vary wildly.
    If you're into it, you'll like it.
    If you're not into it, you'll think it sucks monkey butt.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad
    -Cooper's Dark is Rising
    Ursula le Guin's Earthsea books - beautiful and thought-provoking
    Yup, we've had that discussion before. I encourage reading of all the earthsea books (including Tehanu, Tales of Earthsea, & The Other Wind); the thing with LeGuin, too, is that many of the Earthsea stories are truly framed in a feminine view of the world. It's hard to articulate, but you'll know what I mean once you start reading Tombs of Atuan; the only really two "masculine" books are Wizard of Earthsea and the Farthest Shore, the rest look at the world more relationally, whereas those two are more about using impersonal power to achieve pragmatic ends.

    For fantasy stuff:
    - Guy Gavriel Kay's "Fionavar Tapestry" (some parts are a Tolkien knock-off, but the parts that are not are excellent), and "Tigana"
    - Stephen R. Donaldson's "Thomas Covenant" series and his "Gap" scifi series (that's about as gray as it gets)
    - Michael Moorcock's "Elric" stuff
    - Roger Zelazny's "Amber" books
    - For humor, the Myth Adventures titles by Robert Aspirin were actually cute/funny until they petered out.
    - Joel Rosenberg's "Guardians of the Flame" until that petered out as well... first few books were great

    And I always recommend Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" graphic novels, which capture the entire run of issues #1-75 in something like 8-10 bound books. It takes a few issues for it to pick up some steam, but it hits stride by Book #2, "The Doll's House," and never looks back. Not only is the writing well-done, but much of the artwork is impressive. The corresponding two "Death" mini-series ("The Time of Your Life" and "The High Cost of Living") are worth reading as well.

    @Q: I actually read Ariel in high school, and I think I have it somewhere in a box in the basement.
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    Have been working on "The Year of Living Biblically" if you want something hilarious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    @Q: I actually read Ariel in high school, and I think I have it somewhere in a box in the basement.
    I was surprised that it's been out and very well regarded for a long while and I'd never heard of it until a friend dropped it on my lap. The only reason he managed to read it is that The author decided to write a 'sequel' 26 years later. Maybe it's because of the whole 'Unicorn' angle can be polarizing, pop culture has not been kind to them.

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    I wrote a short screenplay about Osama Bin Laden this morning. It sucks, but if you're still interested I can show it.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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    Some series that I've read that sounds like you'd enjoy:

    Song of Ice and Fire- Fantastic, but it got a little much for me about halfway through book 3 (if you've read it, you should know what I mean). I think this is what you're looking for if you want gray and gray/black morality in a fantasy setting.

    Wheel of Time- My favorite, but not as good objectively as above. Super long. I'm on my second read-through of the series. Should be caught up by the time the last book comes out in March.

    Mistborn trilogy- Fun read actually.

    Kingkiller Chronicles- Just started. Supposedly better than all of the above.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    -The Dark Is Rising series (Susan Cooper). They are for children, but are beautifully written and have a sophisticated moral dimension. Only problem, the first book (Over Sea Under Stone) is rather old fashioned and more for children than the others. You could just start with the second book (The Dark Is Rising) because you wouldn't miss much crucial information in the first book.

    These were the first books that I remember reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SRT View Post
    Kingkiller Chronicles- Just started. Supposedly better than all of the above.
    I was going to recommend this series. It's just so very extremely excellent and quite unlike all the other fantasy books I've read.

    I also like the books by R.A Salvatore.

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    If you want dark and muddied moralities, try this fantasy series by Gene Wolfe. I think he was on crack where prose is deliberately archaic, meandering but perfect for the picture he was painting of the protagonist and his world. Can't say I enjoyed it but it was an interesting read. Makes you think and wonder, looking for deeper meanings. Good author.

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    read the ingredients list on every single piece of packaged food that you own

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