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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    That sounds complex
    It's just a ploy for attention. That, in itself, is actually very simple, but the means we can go to in order to obtain validation can indeed be complex. We can pretty much guarantee that a person is composed of more than one feature, and even two variables create complexity, so it really becomes a matter of comparing individuals to determine the individual's complexity as a meta-attribute. This is really hard to do.

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    I love it when I am right

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    Act your age not your enneagram number.

    Quinlan's Creations

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    1) simple
    2) complex
    3) yes I have
    4) everyone got really confused...I decided maybe I am complex.

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    Wish I were simple =/
    Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun - Watts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenaphor View Post
    [*]How do you view yourself, simple or complex?
    Simple, overall.

    [*]What's the feedback been from others about whether you're simple or complex?
    Complex ["you think too much", "complicate things"]. Also, I've had this word specifically directed at me, and often in disparaging terms.

    [*]If there's disparity between the two views, have you or have you not attempted to reconcile the two?
    [*]If you've attempted to reconcile the two, why or what was the disparity?
    It's not my aim to be viewed as either of the dichotomy: simple or complex, as I don't care how others perceive me, in this regard. I'm more interested in reconciling why certain views or ideas of mine are seen as complex - I like simplifying things into a logical sequence of pattern. Being able to effectively translate my understanding, my knowledge, to be understood by the receipient. Explaining myself, basically.

    As for why I think people often think I am "complex" while I think I'm simple is simply because I have all the inside scoop on myself, that no one else is privy to, completely. So, they usually see the surface inquiries buzzing around me, the questioning, the scrutiny into matters.......they don't get to see the calm of self-reflection once I've reached an understanding within myself (sometimes, some people do).

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    1. Simple.
    2. Complex (where the input has been of the extreme variety of "most complex" or "very complex".)
    3. I'm trying to decide if it matters, if it's indicative of anything that should be addressed.

    Thanks. Your input is most welcome. It helps me to decide if this is something I should be addressing so please keep it coming.

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    4. Although my motivations are quite simple, they seem to be fundamentally incomprehensible to most other people. I nearly have a complete disregard for money or status, I often overlook practical issues and I often neglect my own feelings/sometimes even my whole life etc., the things that are often seen as necessary to have a "good life". On the other side, I want to know literally EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and I really love to make people laugh and smile just for the sake of it(In fact, I'd call these two things my main goals in life). Still, others often call me a freak/say I would be difficult to get. Funnily, I often get rated completely oppositely by different people; f.e., I remember smoking weed with some friends who didn't know each other; One of them said "Out of all people I know, you're the least one I'd suspect to do these things" and the other one respondend "Actually, of all people I know, you're the first one that comes to my mind if thinking about who would take drugs of any sort". I really can't help it, but most other people seem to see me as completely enigmatic.
    They say I only think in form of crunching numbers.....
    -Fall Out Boy

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    My own mind seems straightforward to me, but it does branch off in a lot of directions and I have conflicted feelings about many things, so I guess I'd say complex. Maybe complex in spots and simple in other ones. I don't think I give off a lot of mixed messages (simple) and I'm pretty transparent. However, I tend to become more and more candid the more comfortable and sure of myself I am. Different people also bring out different facets of me. Both of these may be perceived as making me more complex than I really am.

    I'm not sure how people perceive me. I think it would really depend who you talk to. Some would say very simple, but others would say very complex. Depends I guess how well they know me and what particular part of me they know. I do know that I often am concerned about things that most people are not and they tell me I overthink it. Then all the stuff I talked to them about ends up happening...I think maybe some people see me at negative or pessimistic for that reason, even though I think it allows me to become less jaded than them because I'm not unpleasantly surprised all the time. It's not too hard to figure out how to make me happy though and I am easily made happy by simple things. Sometimes my thoughts are complex enough that I find them hard to simplify to a point where I can give people a quick thumbnail sketch of them. I can't sort out the details from the main points because they all seem important and I don't want to leave anything out and then I keep encompassing more and more within the thought. That's probably Ti complicated by Ni.

    I've tried to learn to simplify how I express myself so that I don't bore other people with stuff they aren't interested in particularly or so that I don't make them feel like I'm being a downer to them. I don't usually tell them that much of what I'm thinking about unless there are clear signs that they care to know and are safe to do that with. Probably for that reason a lot of people think they know me when they don't, or just relegate me to being blandly nice. I like to give people a fair chance and to collect information so I don't generally directly oppose something they say until I am very comfortable around them and know them well enough to predict their reaction. This probably leads them to assume that I am just like them, or that I am more agreeable/maleable than I actually am.

    If I'm interested in something particularly (mostly human systems), I think I become more complex when discussing those issues because my thoughts are more detailed and synthesized with many other influences and analysese. For stuff I'm not as informed on or don't care about, I'm pretty simple.

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    How you do you even objectively measure your own complexity or simplicity? First, simple or complex with respect to what? And what do you mean by simple or by complex? That is, what makes a "simple" person simple? Or a "complex" person complex.

    I have no idea how simple or complex I am compared with others. I feel like my own thoughts sometimes are complex and difficult to describe but I wonder if most people aren't like this some of the time. Sometimes people think that my explanations and thoughts are too complex but others say they have no trouble understanding me.

    I think the people I know in real life would probably perceive me as more simple than complex but I am just guessing here. That's because they don't know all thoughts that are running through my head. Also, I try to act in a predictable straightforward manner with others.

    I think people on this forum might see me as more complex because this is a place where I do articulate some of the deeper things I think. But so many people here on this forum do just that so compared to the average person on this forum, I don't think I'm all that complex.
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