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    I am and have been told that I'm very complex. Too much so for my own good, I fear. I don't think I'd want to be less complex. It would just be nice to disentangle that complexity so it would be easier to understand and analyze.
    If that makes any sense at all.
    Yet I know, if I stepped aside
    Released the controls, you would open my eyes
    That somehow, all of this mess
    Is just my attempt to know the worth of my life

    Mercury - Sleeping At Last

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    This thread is rather pointless, because the two possible answers have preassigned value. Nobody would admit to being simple if they truly were, after all we all fear the mundane.

    The irony is that those most simple people are also the least likely among us to realise their simplicity.

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    It's my goal to be as simple as possible. I want my passions and my feelings to flow easily through me from the inside out to the outside in. I've never been a huge fan of shrouding my inequities in mystery, and I've always been ashamed of when I've been purposefully baffling.

    I feel like those inclinations impede personal growth. I feel like those ideas tied to the value of a person makes us like products in an economy of artificial scarcity and turns relationships into consumerism.

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    Default Are you Simple or Complex?

    I am simple but if you want to know what I think then be prepared for some complexity.

    "Just weird" said my ESTP Sx/So house mate.
    "Everyone is complex in there own way","because I don't know what is going on inside you head." My ENTP Sx/So housemate said.

    I have no disparity between the two Simple or Complex I have a good understanding of how Intuition, Thinking, Sensing, Feeling, work in unison with the inner triangle and the six pointed figure.

    If there is something blocking my freedom within mind I work it out even if I have to command my own sub conches to fix the problem and provide information needed, I will not settle for a lack of peace in mind. I understand the basic of both my simplicity and complexities and I don't rock the boat or allow another to with out my consent.

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    Simple of course and I like it that way.

    I've noticed that when I get shit done I feel simple.

    And I've also noticed that when I am not getting shit done it's also in areas where I am being complex.

    Fuck complexity.

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    my complex is rather simple

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    1) Complex
    2) Complex
    3) N/A
    4) N/A
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    Quote Originally Posted by chubber View Post
    my complex is rather simple
    My simple is rather complex.
    I Think I Am Alright | Forever Flowing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    It's my goal to be as simple as possible. I want my passions and my feelings to flow easily through me from the inside out to the outside in. I've never been a huge fan of shrouding my inequities in mystery, and I've always been ashamed of when I've been purposefully baffling.
    I like this.

    I think that all of the rationalizations we make to ourselves can create complexity, can create a lot of internal noise, if we're utterly true to ourselves we're each 'simple' in our own ways/mode of being. Well, I feel that way about myself at least. When I just AM, I think I'm pretty straightforward.
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    1.How do you view yourself, simple or complex?
    Probably complex, but I wish for simplicity inside and out every moment of my life. I tend to understand the inner complexities fairly well in myself and others. I try to be consistent, so in that way I'm simpler than average. I tend to see the people who live out overt dichotomies as the most complex.

    2. What's the feedback been from others about whether you're simple or complex?
    My behavior is seen as very simple and predictable, but I'm constantly told that I over think emotional and subjective issues, and that is true.

    3. If there's disparity between the two views, have you or have you not attempted to reconcile the two?
    I try to reconcile the two by avoiding complex people and situations. I prefer animals and nature. I also try to meditate.

    4. If you've attempted to reconcile the two, why or what was the disparity?
    The disparity is that by understanding complexity, you start to extract core elements and it is simplified on one level. The other side is that in subjective systems like psychology you can continually look deeper and into a higher resolution of nuance and in that way every individual is almost infinitely complex.

    In myself and others the dichotomy of complexity and simplicity is designed like a tree with a core trunk and branches dividing into levels of infinite complexity. Some people's inner tree is fractured at the root and so there can be two or more disparate inner frameworks that determine thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I consider those people to be the most complex, and my inner structure is singular, so I'm simpler in that way.
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